Monday, November 06, 2006

Chennai trip and updates

I am visting my blog after a very long time. I cannot say that i was very busy to visit or make an entry but yeah for whole of last month there was something or the other coming up.

Like first i went home on October 18th, it was a very good trip. I really didnt realise how 12 days of leave passed at home. I made some nice trips to a temple in Himachal and also visted Anantpur Sahib gurdwara. Then we also made an evening trip to the hills, on way to Shimla. On the whole a very relaxing and exciting trip. Came back to hyderabad on 1st Novemeber because i had a visa date at Chennai consulate on #rd Novemeber. So i had to fly to chennai on 2nd November. Chennai is one city i always had a fear for. And as soon as i landed at Chennai airport it was raining heavily and got little drenched there itself. A nice way for that city to annoy me further :).
Anyways since this was an official trip i had cab pickup and drop from airports so there wasn't any problem as such. I just identified the playcard with my name and just sat in the cab which took me straight to the guest house. And company guest houses are always good, nice ambience and also nice food :).
Got up early next day for the visa interview and after some moment of anxities had my visa satmnped:) . I was happy atleast the main work for which i am here has been done. Though it was raining outside after every half an hour. I had to buy an umberella before going to the consulate because sometime the queue outside the embassy is very big. but i was lucky that i didnt have to wait for more that 10 minutes in this queue.
Anyways, i then went to the most talked about mall of Chennai, and frankly speaking, i found it like Palika Bazaar in Delhi, though here some of teh shops were larger but the arrangemnet was quite like Palika Bazaar. I had my lunch at pizza hut and took the suto straight to my guest house. It was really gloomy weather outside so didnt want to stand there anymore. I spent my rest of the day in the guest house watching television. Then i took the next morning flight back to hyderabad. Only good and the best thing about chennai was that i got my visa stamped. :)

Anyways will try to be more regular on my blog now.
Cya all.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai....

I have been away from my blog for a very long time now.....and when i saw this movie this weekend, i just knew right then that i need to write something on this:)
Well, believe me getting tickets for this movie was really one of my hardest experiences. Just reached the theatre half an hour before the show and was really intimidated by the long queue for the tickets. But luck was in our favour today and managed to get the tickets right on time i.e. at 3:00PM.
Right from the scene 1 this movie is simply so engrossing.....first half was like total comedy....bole to complete masti....i must say that all the actors have acted to their best....Arshad Warsi is simply a delight to watch. His acting is so spontaneous that you completely get into the movie. Sunjay Dutt like always was at his best. The surprise element was Vidya Balan. though she had a small presence, she acted very well.
Bole to Gandhigiri, is the new word which this movie has given and i am sure, its popularity will outgrow the popularity of movie itself.
This year i have seen 2 superb movies now first one was RDB and second is this one.
Rang De basanti concentrated on the agressive behaviour of the revolutanaries while this movie teaches the same primary value (patriotism) but in Gandhi style and in its own unique way. I think it is after watching this movie i have understood the principles and value if Gandhi and what all he stood for.
There are so many things one can do in life and also get relieved from so many of thetensions by speaking just truth. This movie makes us look at Gandhi's values of truth, non violence in a modern way and really does this in a perfect way.
I can easily say that this is one of the best movie i have seen in my life. And this feeling i got even before the movie ended, at the interval :)
Lage Raho Munnabhai....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Birthday - August 4

I think the excitement this day always starts 2-3 days before it actually comes. Atleast this is the case with me. As sson as the calander reads August 1 every year, a feeling of excitement sets within me. Somehow the world seems to be so good. This time also it was the same. Though this time i had to work for 14 hours for this entire week in the office, due to some issues in my project :(.
The day started at exactly at 12:00 AM in the night with my flatmates wishing me and bringing a surprise cake for me. First, as usual there was gugging and all but then all of a sudden they pick me a up. And in the very next second i am in air being kicked at my back :), as is the usual tradition :). Mann some of the kicks were really very hard, aahh. Then i cut the cake and did some other formalities. Now, another wild act my friends take the cake and it is all over my face, and then all over my head. And then it went wild. We started playing holi with the cake. I take a piece of cake and there it goes on my friend's face. Others start running...but another piece of cake, this time a large one and i somehow banged it right on the target......spackkkkkkkkk, straight on the head of another room mate. In a few minutes the floor of our balcony was completelty in mess. I had to take a bath after this.
When i woke up in the morning it was raining heavily outside. Anyways, got ready as soon as i could and wore an entirely new set of clothes.Somehow reached office without getting drenched. And then everybody wished me, it was soooo nice, i never thought they all will remember my birthday. You seem to be so impotant this day :). Also the whole lot of calls you get on your phone makes you feel all the more special. All the friends wishing you..its good. Almost after every 30 minutes next 10 minutes i was on a call on my mobile with friends calling to wish me.
But now the sad part, as the project was going tghrough a bad phase i had a lot of work :(. Also it was raining heavily so the entire plan of going for a movie and giving a party went for a toss. I had tioo work till 10 in the night and then went home. And mann it was still raining. It rained all through the day full 24 hours.
But still i enjoyes every moment of it, every call, every wish and every line code i wrote :). But the day could have been better if rain would have stopped. Anyways, thats okay. Thanks to all my friends for making me feel special. Its just because of the friends i feel, this day carried importance for me. i get to talk to all my friends on the same day.
On the whole, a nice day..

Monday, July 24, 2006

Kaplan Test 3 - 630(50, 33)

After a long gap this weekend i gave an online GMAT mock test. Though i didn't want to shatter my confidence by giving a Kaplan test but didn't have any other option as no other CD was there with me for the weekend :(. So decided to go for the Kaplan test.
Started the test late on Saturday evening. This time also i didn't attempt AWA sections. So started with Quant. It seemed easy though i got stuck in 1-2 questions. but it was fine except for the disturbance caused by the continuous loud noise of the TV which was coming from the other room. But i really can't help it. When i started with english i marked my first 3 questions very confidently but then was i not sure of next 2-3 questions. This time i tried to mantain speed throughout during the English section unlike previous tests in which i used to spend a lot of time on first 15 questions.
When i reached question 22 i somehow remembered that i have to go for shopping :) . A new sale has started at showrooms today only. After that though i tried to concentrate but couldn't lost complete concentration after question no. 26. This was also contributed by the noise i was getting from the other room. Thought of leaving the test but then just went on somehow for another 15 questions very fast. I experienced shortage oftime for last 2 questions but somehow managed to complete the test on time.

When i clicked for the results, mann i was pretty surprised to see 630 this time. i didnt expect that. Due to my low concentration level in the end, i actually thought that i have messed it.But it wasn't that bad.

630 ( QA - 50, VA- 33)

Saw through the solutions and found that in QA i marked 5 wuestions wrong, i expected max. 1-2 . But then saw most of them were foolist mistakes, excpet 2 ques. i mean.

But in VA as expected i marked almost every question wrong starting forom q26 i mean only 2 questions right after Ques. 25. So 14 questions i marked wrong here itself. I got just 5 questions wrong till ques. 25. First question i got wrong was Ques. 8 and then 12.
I think initial accuracy prevented me from sinking in this test.

Overall i have to increase my concentration levels now and practice more. I am hardly practicing these days. Now i also have to get serious about taking my GMAT date. Planning to take it in August end.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai - the financial capital of India was struck with as many as 7 blasts on 7/11, all in the local trains. Amost 189 people got killed in these blasts described to be the worst act of terorism after 1993 Mumbai blasts. But what amazed me was the spirit of the people of Mumbai immediately after the blasts. The city which is famous for its "Don't care" attitute suddenly changed and it seemed that every person there belongs to one family. I have heard about Mumbai, even if you fall walking on the road no one is going to pick you up, Mumbai never stops for anyone...but this time it really stopped and it stopped for helping its children.
People started helping each other in whatever way they could. I saw people distributing bottles of mineral water, packets of biscuits etc. to stranded commuters who could not reach their destinations because almost entire local transport system came to a halt for amost 3 hours after the blasts. People even offered commuters whose destinations were far off to stay in their homes for the night. I even read about instances when the autorickshaws were charging people only the normal fares even at 11pm in the night for far off destinations even when they are authorised by the govt. to charge double the fare after 10pm in the night. One Autorickshawallah said to a commuter "Aaj nahin leinge hum kisi se paise"( We will charge any money today). The dabbawallahs delivered dabbas in every house they do normally without getting afraid from going outside. In all the terrorists were defeated in every objective they had.

Now yesterday govt. asked people to observe a 2 minute silence to mourn the blast victims at 6.25pm, the prcise time of the blasts. And whole Mumbai stood still at that time for 2 minutes. Even though it is a rush hour , people stood quietly on roads and pavements , cars and buses stopped on roads, trains in transit also stopped and people stood in silence either closing their eyes or stood praying. All the traffic on almost every road of Mumbai stopped and stood silent. Even the cable operators switched off their telecast for 2 minutes during that time. Now is what is called the Spirit of Mumbai- The Spirit of INDIA...
I can tell you this city really has some life, every time i have been to this city i have fallen in love with it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lost my new mobile- really a very bad day

It was Saturday, 1st July. My cousin had come to my place for the weekend. As usual I got up late on the weekend, but this time as my cousin wanted to see hyderabad so got ready within half an hour and went out at around 1030.
We had to take a bus from mehdipatnam bus stop for going further, so reached there at around 1045. It was very very crowded. Within 5 minutes our bus came and many people started running towards the bus. I and my cousin got into the bus and were stuck on the footsteps with some guys who were also boarding the bus but now wanted to get down. Finally we managed to get a seat in that damn bus. As soon as i sat, i found my mobile was not there !!
i immediately told my cousin and we decided to get off the bus. I knew it was the work of the same guys with whom we got stuck. Meanwhile bus started running. i went to the driver to stop the bus because my mobile has been stolen. But that ideat didnt understand hindi or english so had to shout at him. He stopped the bus immediately ( i think he got scared) but by then we had come around 70 m from the bus stop. I ran towards the bus stop in search of that guy, i would have recognized him. But he had already gone. I tried calling my number but no one picked up. I kept trying. Then the phone started going busy. I decided not to cancel the phone number, thought maybe i will be able to negotiate. But for next 15 minutes phone kept going busy.
Then my cousin suggested that we should inform the police station. So we started walking to the nearest police station and meanwhile my cousin kept trying my phone number. I entered the police station first time in my life. As soon as i told the constable that i want to register a complaint, I heard my brother's voice. he was talking to someone on the mobile. We both ran out of police station. It was the guy who stole my mobile. Somehow he agreed to negotiate with us and said he will return the phone if we are ready to pay the money. he even didn't know the model which he stole. He said he will call us in 1 hour and meanwhile we should reach secundrabad which was around 25Kms from there.

I rushed home to take my friends. Then we all decided to fight out for the mobile. We decided to take 4 bikes ( as were 8 people ) . We left all our purses, credit cards and mobiles at home because we knew that a fight was inevitable. My friends didn't even have their breakfast till then. But they decided not to waste time ( so nice !!!) and we immediately started our bikes and went ahead. It took us almost 1 hour to reach secundrabad. On reaching there we decided to park our bikes on a safe place so that we can run easily. Then we decided that 6 people will sit in a restaurant and I and my cousin will wait in front of resturant for the call. But no one called this time. We kept trying my number but either it went busy or he didn't pick the phone. We decided to wait inside the resturant. It was already 3pm now. We decided to have our lunch waiting for the call and kept laughing on some funny incidents of this sort which anyone of us knew. Meanwhile i decided to call my mamaji (uncle), who is the head in Ericsson which manages the whole Airtel network. He immediately called someone to block my STD and ISD calls but kept my local calls through. Then he called someone to put my moble phone on track. But now after waiting till 5 we decided to register a complaint at the police station which took us another 30 minutes ( my second trip to a police sation in one day :) though again not for any wrong reason).
On reaching police station, we were greeted surprisingly by a nice guy who said just go upstairs and register the complaint. But when we went upstairs to our surprise everyone was sleeping ( damn, police is really like this, as they show in movies). We tried to knock the doors in a hope atleast one person will wake up, but no use. So finally we again went to that guy who sent someone to wake them up. Then i started narrating the whole incident. After listening to the whole incident the constable said, you should have come directly here ( as if he could have done something then). Anyways, after registering the complaint ( I had to tell the same story to 3 people in the police station) , finally we reached home, putting an end to a bad eventful day.

Now my mobile is under surveillance by Airtel people, but for getting any leads it should come back in the network and that may be through any sim card. Lets see what happens though i dont think i will be able get ot back.

And guess what it was such a bad day, even Brazil lost to France in FIFA world Cup. I decided to got bed with a heavy heart. I think my mobile kept coming in my dreams. I spent some 16000 bucks on that latest mobile less than a month back and now i have lost it. :(

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kabhi Alvida na Kehna

I got hold of the music of Kabhi Alvida na Kehna two days back and i have already listened to all the songs so many times now.The music really rocks. No one can beat Sonu Nigam in emotional songs and Alka yagnik is also too good here. Tumhi dekho na and the title song are emotional songs and are really very good. Tumhi dekho na is amazing. I really liked the music of Kal Ho Na Ho and and still listen to the title song and believe me Tumhi Dekho Na is of the same kind. I fell in love with this song :) when i saw it first time on the Television. I can gurantee that you will remember some incident in your life listening to these songs. They will make you look deeper into your heart. The lyrics straightway connects you to your emotional self.
Mitwa and Where's the party tonight are also great songs. Specially Mitwa has a backgroung tune which is amazing. It has one line in chorus which i have been singing for last 2 days now :). It goes something like this " Love will find a way ....".

On the whole Ultimate Songs :). Do listen to them.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, i was in bangalore for last 2 weeks and came back yesterday only. will write a seperate entry for the trip. It was really cool and full of fun. But after coming back from there i did a self introspection after some discussions with friend.

He just asked me one question, Do u like your work? Though the answer for this is clear in my mind - NO, but i never analyzed clearly as to what is that thing which i work for?
So i just asked myself, if you are not happy what is that is still keeping me in this job? and what is it that i expect from this job. And after getting a little deep into my soul, i realized it is -power and recognition ( i know i am a complete Leo :) ). Money is something which i never cared for but ofcourse it always comes with power and ofcourse is a basic necessity. But its not something which i aim for or which i quantify.

Though i have my aims set right but somehow i have not been able to prioritize them. And thus i always end up getting confused and not actually getting down to do things which i aspire for. Also i believe your vision for life or you can say the final goal is most important, the path you take to get there is something which is very subjective to you. But there is one more point here, some people will take their lifetime to reach there and some will achieve much earlier, at the right time. And this all depends on your risk taking abilities and passion you have to do these things.

Now i know i have to give up my laziness completely and start working towards my goals. Also i think being vague is always dangerous. I mean vague about your goals and interests. This vagueness has prevailed in me for sometime now. One should be clear about these things and then only one can walk on the path which can lead him to that goal. Being vague doesn't allow one to take the risks to achieve things. I always think that taking risks is necessary if one wants to reach to the pinnacle. Ofocurse one hould be prudent in setting goals. So confusion always hampers the risk taking capability. Also, this also increases the element of luck in whatever we do. Because if we dont give our 100%, the final result will depend more on luck. So people always end up cursing luck.

According to me Success = Intelligence + Hard Work + Luck.

Intelligence - Some basic intelligence is necessary for every kind of work and most of the people have this. Its just that people dont realize or lack self confidence.
But here more the intelligence, less is the amount or hard work you need to do. So hard work can compensate even for intelligence to a very large extent. Now Luck also shares the same relationship with hard work. The more hard work we do less will be the element of luck in Success. but one thing is for sure the element of luck can never be completely eliminated from this. It is always there but can be greatly reduced by proper planning and hard work.

I stilll remember one of my teacher used to say, " Success is more often the result of hard work than of intelligence and luck".

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Are BPO's killing our nation's talent?

Are BPO’s killing our nation’s talent??

This is a question I have been contemplating with quite sometime now.

Well here I present my opinion on this.

BPO industry started in India quite few years back. Since then this word has been used widely in every newspaper, magazine and any other form of media .It has been the bread and butter for millions of young people in India.
Now when we talk of young people especially those in their 20’s, we know we are talking of people who are most vibrant, who have the highest energy levels and who really believe in “everything is possible”. These very people sometime determine where a particular nation is heading. So that means we have used the best part of our population for this industry. Having said that, let’s look at the role these people play in this industry.

More than 70% of the people employed in the BPO industry in India are working in voice based services i.e. have work which relates only to attending calls. They are just there to support the services of many industries throughout the world. The only things expected out of the BPO employee are good communication skills and maybe a little logical thinking. India has just become the back office to the West.
When industries in the West started their back offices in India they had just one agenda slash costs by at least 40 per cent by offshoring. In West they didn’t have the numbers to match, in terms of number of people who can work; of course costs was also a huge factor. So they decided to shift to India because our huge English speaking population is a good source for their needs and also people are ready to work for low salaries because of the less number of opportunities.
People they target are in the age group of 18-25 who are graduates and i think have the power to take on the world. Now as per a survey more than 30% of indian population belong to this group and this figure is much higher in urban areas. So these days many people join these BPO's. This is we can say a source of easy money for them. Just fresh out of college at the age of around 20 they start earning 10 to 12 k, also they didn't have and dependencies so the entire money can be spent on their lifestyle. So far so good.

But if we see a real picture we have put our best i mean most energetic people into something which doesn't require that much skills. Agreed that communication skills are also equally important which people master in this profession but then if we want to be a developed country some day, this certainly hurts our bid.
This is because if these people had not got this easy job they would have put up some fight in their careers to get better jobs for example they would have gone for higher studies and be more skilled for better jobs may be high tech jobs in which India certainly lags behind. Who knows, they would have involved themselves into some business which might churn out into some great business house. I mean if Dhirubhai can do it then why can't we. In this way these BPO's have hampered the growth of our country by killing the talent here. Yeah intially they get the money but the frustartion of these type of jobs gets onto one's head after some years but then due to higher age and lack of experience in any other field they are unable to do anything else.

So now these people sit in their poshed offices attending calls throughout night ( most BPO's work during that time only) and sleeping through the day. They dont have time to think for better futures and when they do think its already too late.

And in this way we lose our nation's talent pool to MNC's for their lowest grade of work. If we compare this to China that is presently the fastest growing economy of the world and that is also seeing the greatest boom in the manufacturing industries and hardware industries, China has been able use its talent pool effectively. Growth in manufacturing and hardware industry is very essential for economy to develop at this pace. One cannot expect to just sit and ride on the software boom through IT and ITES companies.
We have to channelise the talent of our nation in the right direction and then only we can expect to compete with China and maybe US at sometime in the future. Govt. needs to show to the people the oppertunities and importance of dreaming big. May be our country still lacks the vision. We are still at a position where China was in early 1990's. China exports rose almost 10 times in a decade whereas we just managed to increase them 2 times.
I do believe that India has the required talent to reach to the top but somehow lacks the spirit to do it. And that is why we lose our best people to West either because of brain drain or because of this kind of work.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Need of a Revolution

Since i have registered to this blog this is the first post which i think i will be writing from my heart. I was just hoping to find some time to write on some topics that are very close to my heart. And Today i was able to find it.
So here i am.
Revolution - dictionary defines it as "A drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving" and also "A single complete turn". Well, i understood its meaninng only when i saw RDB. RDB shows hows simple, common people can bring revolution. After seeing RDB i realised the importance of this word and also what it takes to bring one. Revolutionaries like Lenin, Bhagat Singh, Nelson Mandela have left their mark on the history of this world. There is now a feeling inside me, Can i ever be a part of a revolution? Will i ever live a revolution? I really want to do something important in my life, something which leaves a mark ( I am a true LEO, u see :) ) .

When i saw RDB i thought may be govt. can't be that much cruel but the reservation policy of this congress govt. in India has really changed my mind. It is happening in reality. I mean how can these people be so illogical. India today is on the footsteps of the developed world and these politicians like Arjun Singh just want to drag us back into the dark. The other day, i saw an interview of our HRD minister, in devils's advocate and he looked like a complete fool, an oppertunist who just for his personal and political gains wants to push his country in dark. There is a limit to everything. Govt. can't ruin the life so many intelligent people like this. It cant blame its shortcomings on us. I mean, if govt. was unable to provide education to all people since 50 years of indeppendence and if the existing reservation couldn't help the SC's and ST's that much then why the hell do we need it? 50% of the seats in IIT's are still left vacant. I still remember how i missed the seat in IIT's by a whisker. And those damn people scoring half the marks and doing half the hard work went to study in IIT's. And then when i try for hiher education these poeple will still get reservation. why?? what disadvantage they faced in the IIT's man. It was me who was facing the disadvantage now. though i was studying in a very good college (PEC) but still i was not there in that IIT environment. And these SC, ST and OBC will now make it to the IIM's also on the basis of same reservation. Sons of IAS will get reservations just because govt. doesnt agree on Supreme court views on creamy layer.

7000 CRORES - this is the amount govt. makes by applying education cess on our incomes and still it cant make education possible for everyone. How much money can a person eat. I mean if these politicians want they can have 5 crore each in their pockets but then please leave the rest of the money for the development of this poor country. How the hell you can give a reservation of 27% to people who just constitute 29% of the population acc. to National Family and Health Survey. Now it has even been shown that Jawahar Lal nehru was against reservations but then this idiot our minister says that now the parliament has decided this, we cant do anything now. Someone remind him that you are only the ones who constitute parliament. He just forgot this also in his old age.
These people really dont realise the value of talent, the need of ensuring that intelligence doesn't leave Indian Borders. Look at China, even if chinese people do their MBA from US colleges after spending some 1000K$, they will return to China because oppertunities are there. It was now that i felt that there are many oppertunities in India and whoever is Indian by heart should come back here and help build this nation for which those 23 year olds gave their life. I am referring to Bhagat Singh etc, the members of the Revolutionary party of India. But now these politicians are saying that within 2 years they will implement quotas in private sector too.
Ok lets give them quotas but arrive at some realistic figures. I mean if 1.5 Lakh general category people sit for CAT for 1000 seats then the number should be matched for the OBC's as well. There the seats will left vacant and here we will give our lives for fighting it out for just one seat.

But now i think i dont have the right to blame these politicians, and maybe also to the people who vote for some of the greatest fools. What have i done for my country? So, i dont have the right to blame others if they have not done enough. In RDB, DJ(Aamir Khan) said "zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hain, ek - jo ho raha hai use hone do, ya phir - zimmedari uthao use badalne ki." (There are only 2 ways to live – One, Whatever is happening – let it happen. Else take the responsibility to bring the change). And i somehow till now belong to the first category but now i have the courage to make it to the second category. I mean you cant blame a nation for all the wrong things. " Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banana padta hai " ( No nation is perfect, its we the citizens who have the responsibility to make it perfect ).

And maybe, first time in my life i am feeling that this is the time for a revolution, this is the time when i can live it once, this is the time when i can do something for my nation.

Many a times i thought after RDB that i will join politics and do something about it but then for this purpose i will have to give up all my other dreams, dreams which are very important to me, dreams for which i can give anything. But then someone has to come forward. Lets see how long this feeling lasts or whether it bring a change inside me. For now, i shall follow the path of my dreams only.

C'mon people lets get together and do something about it. This is our one last chance to fight, to fight for our future, to fight for our family, to fight for for our community, to fight for our nation, to fight for those young brave souls who gave their lives just to secure the future of their countrymen. United we can change this world, divided we will always fall. Lets show to those damn politicians that blood flowing in our veins is still the same which flowed in the veins of Bhagat Singh. "Ab bhi jo khoon na khola, khoon nahin woh paani hai, jo desh ke kaam na aaye woh bekaar jawani hai". Believe me together we can bring about this revolution. This revolution must ensure that our next generation open their eyes in India which we all can only dream of, no soul on this piece of earth will then ever find a need to leave this nation for better oppertunities abroad.

One more line :-
If that is the way a change can be brought, then so be it, i am for it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Story of a long weekend

April 29,20, May 1
This was a 3 day weekend i had. i was anxiously waiting for this long weekend, had plans for 2 movies studying for GMAT and ofcourse sleeping big time!!
On friday night my freind Gaurav was to leave for US. So just did 3 RC's after office hours and then sat with him and my other flatmates gossiping until he left at 12am in the night for the airport. then started watching TV and soon went for sleeping, thought will study for next 3 days, lets enjoy today.
On Saturday, woke up late as usual and then started studying even though tehre was no ligh(what a determination!!) but after giving one mock GMAT test (in which i got depressing 700, was expecting 740, anyways the pattern was very different from actual GMAT). Then read a newspaper for a while. it was 1830 now so just was excited about my 930pm movie, Gangster.
Movie was good i think and songs were too good, but was feeling a little fever when i reached home. so went to sleep.
woke up late on sunday morning late :) and was again feeling fever so afer bruch again went to leep, read newspaer then, again went to sleep.... then went for my 7pm movie Darna zaroori hai. movie was average, may be i was expecting a lot from it and it turned out to be below my expectations. but i still feel that RGV is great, he has a unique style of direction and choice of stories which i like. Then went to Shiv's (my senior , he is in motorola, in himanshu's team). Had a nice dinner and equally nice gossiping after that and again felt fever there. This day just passed like that. made a late phone call which i was waiting to make but then none picked up the phone.
next day again i was not well and again slept thru the day. Had a bday party in the evening. but then in the evening i and himanshu were going on bike for some work and had an accident!!
Man, that stupid car wala hit our bike from the side and runs away, and before i realized what has happened i was down on the road over my friend bleeding from hand and left leg. But my friend was worst hit, because he was driving, got bruises on all his 4 lims and visible body parts, got first aid from the local hospital there and also got a tetanus injection. The lady gave the injections as if giving it to some horse and boy, its still paining more than any of my bruises.
I took himanshu to Appolo hospital emegency where we had X rays and luckily there was noo fracture. After paying the hefty bill and afer almost 4 hours we returned home without doing the work for which we had gone :). I had to take a leave on Tuesday which further extended my weekend. But now i am feeling better.
Accidents also give you some experiences in life which you could not have got otherwise and believe me some of them will really be good but nevertheless no one wants to have them(including me).
Buy due to this accident my GMAT prepration has gone for a toss.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Powerprep GMAT Test 1- My first step towards GMAT

I gave my first GMAT mock test(PP) on this Saturday.
was supposed to reach office at 11pm, but due to my laziness reached here at 1230pm. Started with the test at 1:00pm. First came the AWA section which i just skipped :) and then started the Maths section.
Made some really foolish mistakes in the Quant section. But there was also ample disturbances around me. When i was in between the paper 2 of my friends came asking what i was doing( God, no one will ask this when i m sitting completely free, doing nothing, but now when i am in the middle of a test, here they come., seems like law of nature). Anyways, without a break i started with the Verbal section and first section itself was a googly. And i didn't play it well. Also did my third question wrong :( which ensured i screw this section completely. But the god news was in first 33 questions i did only 5 wrong but then there were 8 questions and hardly 10 minutes left. Rushed thru these and ended up doing 6 wrong with last 2 questions right as there were 5 minutes left for those :)

My scores:-



infact i was planning to leave the test in between because of the disturbances but then somehow kept it going and i think its fine keeping in mind only 11 questions in english went wrong out of 41.
So the lesson from this is PRACTICE HARD.... and for me DOnt Waste Time :)
lets see how it goes in the coming weeks.