Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plans between now and school

I have been thinking about what all i have to do before the school starts and believe me there are so many things to be done that i am actually falling short of time. I actually thought when i got selected at Stern that what will i do with so much time that i have. But now it seems the other way around.

As i will be an international student, i need to get my work permit transferred to a student visa before the school starts. Visa stamping is really a very painful process through which every international student has to go through. I am presently researching on all things i need to do for visa stamping.

I am planning to resign from my present job in US in may end and leave for India. On the way i will also be going to Hong Kong to visit my friend. Planning to checkout Hong Kong with my friend there before leaving for India.
In India, i will get my visa stamped and then there are many plans for travelling in India itself. Also i am really excited about meeting so many friends and relatives back in India.
After travelling and relaxing in June and July in India, i plan to fly back to New York by August second week for the orientation.

Also in between i have to look for my accomodation in New York which again is not an easy task. But i will do some apartment searching while i am there in New York for the admit weekend next month.
Stern is organizing the openieng ceremony of the admit weekend at the New York Stock Exchange and i am excited about attending that. Last couple of times i have just seen that building from outside and this will be the first time i am being invited to enter that building.

In between these plannings, travel and resting i need to find out time for following some of my hobbies which i initially thought i will be doing once my apps are done. And now that its done, I have started following and doing some of the things i wanted to do for so long and hope to continue that atleast till the school starts :)

- (The idea for this post has been give by Paige. Thanks Paige !! )

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I forgotten? Wishes for the fellow bloggers

Its been long since i wrote a post here, i hope my fellow bloggers have not forgotten me.

Oops - All the best buddy for your forthcoming results and interviews. I am sure you will make it good.

Paige - How is your Euro trip planning coming along? Do plan to attend a Euro cup match during your stay there. The exceitement and passion in soccer is a must see.

HappyBunny - congrats for your great score

Bee - All the best for your HBS interview.....you will do well

Coin toss - welcome back!! :)

Hazyblur - good luck for forthcomming results

BSchoolBound - have a happy time deciding between H/S :)

Also, Congrats to all the new admits from blogging world...its great to see so many people finally getting what they wanted here.....Cheers!!

Sent initial deposit

After postponing this for 2 weeks now finally i wrote a cheque for $1000 and sent out to NYU Stern. With this i am finally officially part of NYU Stern class of 2010. I am really happy for this :)