Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Which Laptop to buy?

I am writing a post after really a very long duration. Will write details about last 3 months in a separate post. This post is regarding an imp decision i am taking of buying a laptop for B school :)

I have shortlisted following 3 laptops

1) Dell M1330 laptop - 13.3' screen
2) Sony Vaio CR series - 14.1' screen
3) HP 14.1' screen

Well the prices are in order with Dell XPS being the costliest.

Hoping to see opinions of people here on the 3 laptops.

Also i am confused on which windows i should buy:
1) Windows home edition
2) Windows Business
3) Windows Ultimate edition

I am really not a MAC guy so have to buy Windows laptop.

So give me your opinions people, i have to order my laptop in another 2 days.
Right now i am getting inclined more towards DELL XPS. It is beautiful and is giving me best configuration in around $1250

One more thing: Will 6 cell battery be fine or shall i choose 9 cell one? Only issue with 9 cell is, it will make my laptop heavier and big

I bought Dell XPS 1330 and its really a great laptop.