Sunday, January 28, 2007

My GMAT journey begins- Kaplan Test 1 670

After a very long time i have started again on my journey for getting an admit into a B school. And this time i will surely complete this( For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, i decided to give GMAT last year sometime in April end but then decided not to apply for fall 2007 and also postponed my plans for giving Gmat to this year i.e. 2007).

I started with OG some 15 days back and given the limited time after work i have completed 60% of the book as of now. But since this was along weekend, so decided to give a Kaplan Test today.
I skipped writing sections and directly started with the Maths section. Questions were easy at the start but then some of the questions were a little tricky and required careful reading. But overall the section was fine. I performed my first mistake at Q19. It was a silly mistake, didnt read the question carefully. Overall 35 correct, 2 wrong. Satisfying i think.
Then English section started with a SC. I thought i answered it correctly. At around 12th question i got my first RC and it was horrible. I found it a little tough and also since i havent't practiced RC till now i took a lot of time completing it. After this i had to rush through the questions. But then the second RC came at around Q20 and it again was a spped breaker for me. When i reached Q27 only 20 minutes were left i think, and this was aqgain a RC. This time i read it fast and marked answers without thinking much. Then fourth RC came at Q34 and this one i really marked very fast since i had very less time and i thought i marked all 3 questions wrong in this RC. When i reached Q 39 4 minutes were still left i think but this a tough CR. Somehow managed to complete the English section on time with 1 sec to spare. Then clicked on View results.
And i was surprised to see :-

670 ( M- 50, V- 36).

Since i have heard Kaplan tests are tough and above 650 is a decent score, i was kind of happy. But then i saw my verbal scores and i was really disappointed to see that i marked 14 questions wrong here. Whats more worse was i marked Q-1,3 and 6 wrong. 3 questions wrong in first 10, i would really have to be careful from next time. This really screwed my verbal score. After 6th questions i was pretty accurate and next marked Q20 wrong. But then again there were regular mistakes, and i marked last 3 questions wrong, for which i had last 4 minutes left. Pretty bad here too.

Anyways, atleast i have started my prepration earnestly now and hope to continue this now.
Tasks for this week:-
1) Try to complete OG.
2) Give Kaplan Test 2 next weekend.

Lets see how this works out. I also need to find material which i have to do after compleing my OG. Any suggestions are really welcome.
And yeah i will be regular on my blog now :)