Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stern Submitted - R1 Complete !!

yayyyy....i submitted my Stern application 1 hr back and with this i have completed my R1 applications. Well i am kind of satisfied in the senses that i was able to complete the decided things.....
Well, till last minute i was just modifying 1-2 things here and there in the Stern essays and application...though i think i completed everything yesterday itself. Just that i wanted to check the application for one more day that i didn't submit it yesterday..

I really need some break now...for the last 4 months either it was GMAT or the applications in my life except my 4 day Los Angeles(LA) i really need some time off from all this...and guess what i have decided to take full 4 days off from this work :):) ...also, i have really been ignoring my office work for long now, i really need to concentrate there now for these days is very hectic and i have been somehow taking it lightly and ignoring it due to the apps....i hope to find some more time there now....

After that, i need to look on my R2 apps and my interview prep...though right now there is no sign of any call visible :) ....

Now the wait starts for the R1 results :) .......

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stern Application - almost done

Though i initially planned to submit my NYU Stern application today, i have decided to do it tomorrow now.
Reason:- I still want to modify some of the lines in essay 2.
Also i have my essay 1 at 764 words and want to reduce it to 750 words. But if i don't get anything to remove, i will submit this one at 764 rather than removing some imp info. from this one.

Recommendations have been submitted - one of my recommenders in fact has just submitted my reco. I just got the mail in my inbox about the submission.

I have completed other small parts of application as well and the only thing left now is to upload the essays and of course pay the fees :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stern Application and essays updates

Somehow, I was able to put my mind away from the personal things going on in my life right now and concentrate on NYU Stern application.

Well, i have just completed the drafts for all the 3 Stern essays. Hufff...i am feeling a sense of great relief after completing these and clicking the 'Send' button on the mail to my reviewer.

I think my essays are in good shape at present. For the first essay, i took a lot of time. Though it was a simple career goal essay but it had a word limit of 750 words. Writing those short essays for 'Ross' and 'Darden', i didn't know what more to write to express myself better :). With great difficulty, i could develop a habit of expressing myself clearly in less words and now this essay wanted me to say more. I don't know how i am going to write Chicago's career goal essay of 1500 words :). Anyways, i completed this essay of Stern exactly at 750 words :)

For Stern's second essay about community, i could express myself clearly in the required limit of 500 words. This was the first essay i completed and think it looks good. Though, i think i have answered all parts of this essay question but still i wanted my reviewer to review this one carefully. Reading your own essay, you can sometimes overlook somethings. Now that's the greatest advantage of giving essays to reviewers. Thank god we have such nice souls who are able to take out time from their busy life for reviewing our stuff.

For the third essay - well this was the most difficult one. I finalized on writing this as an essay but was unable to think anything creative on this one. But finally two days back i got an idea and started writing on it. Though i think i have written it in a very simple way but this essay clearly describes true 'Achilles' :). Also i managed to put a bit of creativity at the end of this essay. This piece also represented one of my essential qualities and provided a nice ending to this essay. Now the only problem is that this essay has a word limit of 500 words and i am presently at 560. I have to reduce this essay by at least 30 words and i was unable to remove a single line from this. So for doing this, i am relying on my reviewer now. I hope he will be able to find something in this essay which i can remove without compromising on it's quality.

Other thing pending for my app is Recommendations. I have talked to both of my recommenders and they said they are almost done with the reco and will upload the same on Monday. I hope they do it on Monday.

I have kept a personal deadline of Tuesday to complete my application, thus keeping one day as buffer. So in worst case i should be able to press the 'Submit' button on Wednesday.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


As usual, today was a busy day in office, due to the holiday season approaching its been very hectic....i was coordinating with different people on multiple things.....and then i received this phone call from India, it was from my best the phone number of my friend's home landline displayed on my cell phone, the expression on my face changed dramatically, I had an idea on what news this call can bring......and yeah my fear turned right.....
i picked the phone, but could not even speak - "hello" ....i wanted her to speak something first and she did spoke first......
she just spoke those 3 lines about 3 hours ago and all those lines are going on in my mind till now......i m even unable to concentrate on my work today....there's lots of work which requires my attention but i am unable to concentrate.....i need to put everything out and there is no one here with whom i can speak on i decided to write out on my blog...

my best friend's mom has been suffering from cancer for almost an year now and recently about 3 weeks back her health started getting down......
I have known her mom ( my aunt) for very long now......and i share a very special bond with aunt......always in my good/bad times she had always been there, always giving me her blessings....she is one person i know who never did anything wrong to anyone in her life and takes care of every person who she comes in contact with......
3 weeks back my friend had to rush to India as aunt's health started degrading......3 days back was aunt's birthday and i spoke to her....but she could barely speak, still she asked about my work and how was i doing and wished me luck for my apps......but i knew something wrong is gonna happen in days to when today that number splashed on my phone, i was scared.....

today my friend just told me aunt is now in hospital in India and doctors have said that there is no hope.....its just a matter of time now..
I am in US and will not be able to go back to see her for the last time......but i want to speak to her for the last time and tell her that how much i love her.....even though we are not directly related but we have shared a special bond which is perhaps as strong as the bond between a mother and a child.....

I just hanged up the phone after i heard this, could not speak anything......this reminds me today that life is really short and you never know what's gonna happen never know whether you will know the same person tomorrow or its better to tell all the people you love about how much you love them!! we may not get the same opportunity again!!

I hope i get a phone call from her and i am able to speak to her once......but i know, the next time when the same number splashes on my phone, i am going to be even more scared...

Update: I lost one of the most beautiful persons i have known in my life almost a week back and i didnt get a chance to speak to her. I have been thinking about her ever since unable to do anything else. I am not even speaking much with people around me here. But i know she is there sitting right besides God, watching upon us.....thus, now i will not cry but will pray that good almighty God keeps her with all his love. I am sure God will keep her in his best comforts. I know i can speak to her anytime, i just need to close my eyes for that and she will be aunty once said to me: "You will always be there in my heart" and i know she will always be there in mine. Amen

Monday, November 05, 2007

Next App - NYU Stern

After submitting two applications last week on 31st Oct, i haven't done much till now on the app front. I kind of relaxed even on the weekend, and now i am feeling the heat again.

NYU Stern R1 is due on November 15 and i still haven't completed even the first draft for any of the 3 essays. Though the first essay is essentially a career goal essay but it has a much longer word limit compared to the the other 2 apps (Ross, Darden) that i have written. So, i have to put in more stuff in this one and mention some of the things in detail.

The other 2 essays are completely different in Stern. Second essay is about Stern community. Though i have figured out what i have to write in this essay but still i have to pen it down.
The third essay is the real bouncer - "Please describe yourself to the MBA classmates". Now i am not getting any creative idea to put into this one and i am planning to write this one as an essay. But still no specific idea has come to my mind on what i am going to put into it.
I am really in need of some ideas for this one.

Its less than 10 days to go for this application.....i will have to start running from here on...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ross, Darden Submitted - my first two apps :)

I have clicked on 'Submit' on Ross and Darden apps.
I submitted Darden some 2 hours back and Ross just 1 hour back. But i think, i did okay, considering i have submitted my application more than 12 hours before the deadline. :)
I planned to submit one day in advance so missed that target.

Anyways, there were many last minute tensions. I had finalized all essays and started uploading them. As i finished uploading my last Ross essay, i got a ping from my reviewer - she mailed that the last essay is just fine. I felt that 'just fine' is not what i want to submit with. I mailed her back about what's lagging. She mailed some of the comments and i incorporated them. She provided some very good last minute inputs. I think i greatly improved on that essay because of this last minute change.
Then, when i was to submit my credit card details, 'page cannot be displayed' pops up :). I felt like...come onnnnn
Tried again and it worked :)

Clicked the 'Submit' button without thinking much. Mailed adcom some of the required stuff, i mean transcripts and yayyy, i am done submitting two of my important apps.

I think, i have worked really hard on these apps...lets see what the adcoms have to say....