Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its been a month at Stern and in New York

It has been a whole month since I started school and it seems like i just joined it 2-3 days back. Life has really been different and very busy since I started school.

Our pre-term started on 18th September and it kicked off with a speech from the Dean. The first day was just so exciting. I got a chance to meet people from so many countries (I think around 40 countries are represented at Stern). In fact in the evening, I forgot the name of most of the people I met on the first day :). NYU Stern has one of the longest pre-term of 2 weeks and its very very exciting. In fact, according to MBA2's it is the best time you have during your first year.

Some of the highlights:

1) Entire class went for Mets game (baseball)
2) Entire class went for US Open ( Federer match)
3) Broadway show
4) on the last day of pre-term Boat Cruise, which was the best part.

Full 2 weeks of party till late in the night. We used to get drunk and party till 2AM and then go to school back at 8AM for the free breakfast. And yeah all 2 weeks were sponsored by various companies (one of them was Lehman :)) so everything was on the house.

Classes started on September 2nd and its been really very busy since then. Assignments, pre readings, post readings.....

Anyways, one thing i should mention here is about the Professors at Stern.

Some of the professors at Stern are really amazing. Like our first semester finance and Accounting professors.
Finance Professor is like a real showman, i haven't seen a person giving a lecture with such a passion. Our finance and Accounting Profs give lectures and take trainings in all major banks regularly. So you get to learn from someone who is in touch with the industry. Almost same is true for the economics and Strategy professor as well.

Office of Career Development already has started building job search strategies for all of us. Of course you yourself need to take initiative here. But as we all know the market position these days, no one is really sure what is going to happen. But anyways for now it seems like its good to be in school right now. But again, summer internship recruitment starts next month and its hard to say that I am not worried.

Hope all goes well!