Monday, July 24, 2006

Kaplan Test 3 - 630(50, 33)

After a long gap this weekend i gave an online GMAT mock test. Though i didn't want to shatter my confidence by giving a Kaplan test but didn't have any other option as no other CD was there with me for the weekend :(. So decided to go for the Kaplan test.
Started the test late on Saturday evening. This time also i didn't attempt AWA sections. So started with Quant. It seemed easy though i got stuck in 1-2 questions. but it was fine except for the disturbance caused by the continuous loud noise of the TV which was coming from the other room. But i really can't help it. When i started with english i marked my first 3 questions very confidently but then was i not sure of next 2-3 questions. This time i tried to mantain speed throughout during the English section unlike previous tests in which i used to spend a lot of time on first 15 questions.
When i reached question 22 i somehow remembered that i have to go for shopping :) . A new sale has started at showrooms today only. After that though i tried to concentrate but couldn't lost complete concentration after question no. 26. This was also contributed by the noise i was getting from the other room. Thought of leaving the test but then just went on somehow for another 15 questions very fast. I experienced shortage oftime for last 2 questions but somehow managed to complete the test on time.

When i clicked for the results, mann i was pretty surprised to see 630 this time. i didnt expect that. Due to my low concentration level in the end, i actually thought that i have messed it.But it wasn't that bad.

630 ( QA - 50, VA- 33)

Saw through the solutions and found that in QA i marked 5 wuestions wrong, i expected max. 1-2 . But then saw most of them were foolist mistakes, excpet 2 ques. i mean.

But in VA as expected i marked almost every question wrong starting forom q26 i mean only 2 questions right after Ques. 25. So 14 questions i marked wrong here itself. I got just 5 questions wrong till ques. 25. First question i got wrong was Ques. 8 and then 12.
I think initial accuracy prevented me from sinking in this test.

Overall i have to increase my concentration levels now and practice more. I am hardly practicing these days. Now i also have to get serious about taking my GMAT date. Planning to take it in August end.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai - the financial capital of India was struck with as many as 7 blasts on 7/11, all in the local trains. Amost 189 people got killed in these blasts described to be the worst act of terorism after 1993 Mumbai blasts. But what amazed me was the spirit of the people of Mumbai immediately after the blasts. The city which is famous for its "Don't care" attitute suddenly changed and it seemed that every person there belongs to one family. I have heard about Mumbai, even if you fall walking on the road no one is going to pick you up, Mumbai never stops for anyone...but this time it really stopped and it stopped for helping its children.
People started helping each other in whatever way they could. I saw people distributing bottles of mineral water, packets of biscuits etc. to stranded commuters who could not reach their destinations because almost entire local transport system came to a halt for amost 3 hours after the blasts. People even offered commuters whose destinations were far off to stay in their homes for the night. I even read about instances when the autorickshaws were charging people only the normal fares even at 11pm in the night for far off destinations even when they are authorised by the govt. to charge double the fare after 10pm in the night. One Autorickshawallah said to a commuter "Aaj nahin leinge hum kisi se paise"( We will charge any money today). The dabbawallahs delivered dabbas in every house they do normally without getting afraid from going outside. In all the terrorists were defeated in every objective they had.

Now yesterday govt. asked people to observe a 2 minute silence to mourn the blast victims at 6.25pm, the prcise time of the blasts. And whole Mumbai stood still at that time for 2 minutes. Even though it is a rush hour , people stood quietly on roads and pavements , cars and buses stopped on roads, trains in transit also stopped and people stood in silence either closing their eyes or stood praying. All the traffic on almost every road of Mumbai stopped and stood silent. Even the cable operators switched off their telecast for 2 minutes during that time. Now is what is called the Spirit of Mumbai- The Spirit of INDIA...
I can tell you this city really has some life, every time i have been to this city i have fallen in love with it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lost my new mobile- really a very bad day

It was Saturday, 1st July. My cousin had come to my place for the weekend. As usual I got up late on the weekend, but this time as my cousin wanted to see hyderabad so got ready within half an hour and went out at around 1030.
We had to take a bus from mehdipatnam bus stop for going further, so reached there at around 1045. It was very very crowded. Within 5 minutes our bus came and many people started running towards the bus. I and my cousin got into the bus and were stuck on the footsteps with some guys who were also boarding the bus but now wanted to get down. Finally we managed to get a seat in that damn bus. As soon as i sat, i found my mobile was not there !!
i immediately told my cousin and we decided to get off the bus. I knew it was the work of the same guys with whom we got stuck. Meanwhile bus started running. i went to the driver to stop the bus because my mobile has been stolen. But that ideat didnt understand hindi or english so had to shout at him. He stopped the bus immediately ( i think he got scared) but by then we had come around 70 m from the bus stop. I ran towards the bus stop in search of that guy, i would have recognized him. But he had already gone. I tried calling my number but no one picked up. I kept trying. Then the phone started going busy. I decided not to cancel the phone number, thought maybe i will be able to negotiate. But for next 15 minutes phone kept going busy.
Then my cousin suggested that we should inform the police station. So we started walking to the nearest police station and meanwhile my cousin kept trying my phone number. I entered the police station first time in my life. As soon as i told the constable that i want to register a complaint, I heard my brother's voice. he was talking to someone on the mobile. We both ran out of police station. It was the guy who stole my mobile. Somehow he agreed to negotiate with us and said he will return the phone if we are ready to pay the money. he even didn't know the model which he stole. He said he will call us in 1 hour and meanwhile we should reach secundrabad which was around 25Kms from there.

I rushed home to take my friends. Then we all decided to fight out for the mobile. We decided to take 4 bikes ( as were 8 people ) . We left all our purses, credit cards and mobiles at home because we knew that a fight was inevitable. My friends didn't even have their breakfast till then. But they decided not to waste time ( so nice !!!) and we immediately started our bikes and went ahead. It took us almost 1 hour to reach secundrabad. On reaching there we decided to park our bikes on a safe place so that we can run easily. Then we decided that 6 people will sit in a restaurant and I and my cousin will wait in front of resturant for the call. But no one called this time. We kept trying my number but either it went busy or he didn't pick the phone. We decided to wait inside the resturant. It was already 3pm now. We decided to have our lunch waiting for the call and kept laughing on some funny incidents of this sort which anyone of us knew. Meanwhile i decided to call my mamaji (uncle), who is the head in Ericsson which manages the whole Airtel network. He immediately called someone to block my STD and ISD calls but kept my local calls through. Then he called someone to put my moble phone on track. But now after waiting till 5 we decided to register a complaint at the police station which took us another 30 minutes ( my second trip to a police sation in one day :) though again not for any wrong reason).
On reaching police station, we were greeted surprisingly by a nice guy who said just go upstairs and register the complaint. But when we went upstairs to our surprise everyone was sleeping ( damn, police is really like this, as they show in movies). We tried to knock the doors in a hope atleast one person will wake up, but no use. So finally we again went to that guy who sent someone to wake them up. Then i started narrating the whole incident. After listening to the whole incident the constable said, you should have come directly here ( as if he could have done something then). Anyways, after registering the complaint ( I had to tell the same story to 3 people in the police station) , finally we reached home, putting an end to a bad eventful day.

Now my mobile is under surveillance by Airtel people, but for getting any leads it should come back in the network and that may be through any sim card. Lets see what happens though i dont think i will be able get ot back.

And guess what it was such a bad day, even Brazil lost to France in FIFA world Cup. I decided to got bed with a heavy heart. I think my mobile kept coming in my dreams. I spent some 16000 bucks on that latest mobile less than a month back and now i have lost it. :(