Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is the post i wanted to make for so long...i have been thinking about writing these lines in my dreams :) and today is the day when i finally get to write this......

Just got the call from NYU Stern confirming my admit!!

The feelings which i have when i got the news are really awesome.....and i am unable to concentrate on work.

"Dear Achilles,
Congratulations! We are very pleased to offer you admission to the NYU Stern MBA Class of 2010. The NYU Stern admissions process is highly competitive, and we congratulate you on this achievement.
On behalf of the Admissions Committee and NYU Stern, I welcome you to our community. "

I wanted to get into Stern since so long because of many reasons apart from it being one of the top schools.

Finally, i also get a chance to be a New Yorker....i have been looking forward to live in the city for many years now and finally the moment has arrived....

Now i get a chance to walk on the path of my dreams and to realize them.....

would not make this post long...and will write a new post for my journey from here....also pending is post on my interview experience at Stern....

Thanks all you guys out there

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thoughts and status update...

I have been planning to write this post for a while now and finally i was able to sit and write it.

So here goes the status of my R1 apps -

NYU Stern:- I am done with my interview at Stern and it went okay. Even after so many days of the interview i still keep thinking about what went in those 30-45 minutes. And then i start thinking how i could have answered that question in a more better way :). I guess this is how it is for everybody. Now i am waiting for the results.
I interviewed on campus in NYC. And i really had a great time there. Will write a seperate post on the interview experience.
I am really impressed with the school and the city and 'Stern' remains my first choice.

Ross:- As i posted earlier, i have been waitlisted. Two days back i got mail saying that i will be considered with R2 apps now. Also they asked me to send any update. I have devised my strategy to send updates and will start sending updates ASAP. Lets see if i am able to convert this to an admit. Will keep you guys updated.

Darden:- Now i don't know what happened to them. I haven't heard from them for long and same is the status with many other people. Oops also seems to be in similar situation as me.
With the decision date coming nearer, i am fearing my worst for this application. But such a long wait for the so called 'early decision' round is really making me think that why i applied to this school in the first place. And then all the controversy that they are considering R2 apps now with R1 has further pushed this cause.

And so goes the waiting period......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No time to write a post!!

I have really been very busy lately...( yeah start of excuses)
Some of the people even pinged me last week to check if achilles has given up plans for MBA :) ...hell nooooo

I am still very much into the game and its just that i didn't find much time to write a post on status of my current apps.

Again its very late in the night now and i have to rush for office early tomorrow (in fact today now :) ) as i have an important call at 8 in the morning. I have been thinking to write a post since 3 days now after i came back from New York but work has been really hectic since then.

Anyways cya guys, i will certainly write a status mail tomorrow :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'Waitlisted' at Ross!

Finally, i heard something from the school to which i submitted my first application

Today 01/15 was the decision date for Ross and somewhere deep down i knew that i would be waitlisted. I knew for sure that i would not be dinged directly. I always believed in the quality of application i submitted. Although i also knew that the quality of application i submitted for Ross was considerably different from what i submitted for Stern. This was mainly because Stern was my last application and thus i had more time to work on this one and by the time i started writing Stern application, i was already experienced in writing apps :)

Now i know how long this waiting game can be.

I know i can convert this to 'admit'. I will need to put a strategy in place for this.And i really need some guidance from all you guys out there. The moment, i saw my waitlist decision, I knew i can rely on all the people from this blogosphere in order to convert this to 'admit'.

Any help and suggestions are really appreciated.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year' 08: Resolutions and ponderings

One simple message on this new year. Below image was once forwarded to me by me friend.

(double clcik on this pic to see it properly :))

Let's march towards the goal of our life....

I hope everyone of you would have made some resolutions for this new year, lets hope we all keep our resolutions.
I can easily say this was one of the great years in my life and i really learned a lot in this year.

  • I had considerable learnings at work with major changes in my location twice during the year.
  • I had the opportunity of working with 2 great fortune 500 companies.
  • Last year was a lot about travel. I had 3 major trips during this year
  • GMAT - One of the major things which i planned in early 2006, i completed it with flying colors in 2007
  • Applied to my dream B schools

Now starts 2008 and i plan to beat 2007 in terms of more learnings from work, life and whole of this application process. Whatever may be the result, i am sure at the end of it i would have learned a lot and become a better individual.

Hope all of you have a great and happy year ahead !!