Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year' 08: Resolutions and ponderings

One simple message on this new year. Below image was once forwarded to me by me friend.

(double clcik on this pic to see it properly :))

Let's march towards the goal of our life....

I hope everyone of you would have made some resolutions for this new year, lets hope we all keep our resolutions.
I can easily say this was one of the great years in my life and i really learned a lot in this year.

  • I had considerable learnings at work with major changes in my location twice during the year.
  • I had the opportunity of working with 2 great fortune 500 companies.
  • Last year was a lot about travel. I had 3 major trips during this year
  • GMAT - One of the major things which i planned in early 2006, i completed it with flying colors in 2007
  • Applied to my dream B schools

Now starts 2008 and i plan to beat 2007 in terms of more learnings from work, life and whole of this application process. Whatever may be the result, i am sure at the end of it i would have learned a lot and become a better individual.

Hope all of you have a great and happy year ahead !!


dj_sai said...

Hey Achilles, All the best for your interview and other applications...Do keep posting...Have a great year ahead..:)

Achilles said...

thanks sai