Friday, December 28, 2007

Price of an's priceless indeed

I was just going through the MasterCard advertisement and thought of this...though this is kind of old now but still thought of writing this:

GMAT - 250$
Manhattan GMAT classes - 1400$ (though i didn't take that :) )
Application to each school - 200$
Travel cost for interview - 350$

One admit from the dream school - PRICELESS!!

After this,

Tuition fees - 80000$ ( and i believe MasterCard can't pay this)...

After MBA, dreams you convert into reality.....PRICELESS!!


Ameya said...

Nice post!!!
Realizing your dreams - indeed priceless!

Paige said...

MasterCard needs a new contest and I think you can sell them your idea. ;) hehe

Achilles said...

haha..that was a good one, Paige :)