Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all bloggers!!

It's the celebration time people, enjoi :)


mbaboyhk said...

Hi dude, thanks for leaving me a message. In fact I have stopped my application this year. I just applied to Wharton & Kellogg and was already dinged by Wharton. Kellogg's final decision will be out soon but my attitude towards MBA has completely changed.

I was relocated back to my home country in Oct, after that, work has been crazy and I had no time & energy to improve my essays. I have a strong feeling that I cannot improve my application this year. So I decided not to waste money to apply to the other target schools. Now my immediate objective is to do well in my job & earn fast promotions/ achievements so that I will have a stronger profile for next year.

You are in my google reader so I'm always reading updates from you. Glad to learn that you are still on track and are receiving some interview invitation. Look forward to seeing your good news!

Paige said...

Hope Santa was nice too you! Have a fun and safe NYE... can you believe it's almost 2008?

Paige said...

NYE in SF... The last two years I've attended big expensive parties, which were fun, but probably because of the people with whom I went. I have never been at Union Square or Pier 39 for NYE, however, there are fireworks over the bay, so I presume being on the Embarcadero is a better view than Union Square. (if you're into that of course) My plan is to attend a few house parties, both of which should have fabulous views of the long as it's not foggy and raining.

Good luck deciding what to do! Personally, I'd grab a few close friends and celebrate at local pub because in the end, it's about who you're with.