Monday, April 24, 2006

Powerprep GMAT Test 1- My first step towards GMAT

I gave my first GMAT mock test(PP) on this Saturday.
was supposed to reach office at 11pm, but due to my laziness reached here at 1230pm. Started with the test at 1:00pm. First came the AWA section which i just skipped :) and then started the Maths section.
Made some really foolish mistakes in the Quant section. But there was also ample disturbances around me. When i was in between the paper 2 of my friends came asking what i was doing( God, no one will ask this when i m sitting completely free, doing nothing, but now when i am in the middle of a test, here they come., seems like law of nature). Anyways, without a break i started with the Verbal section and first section itself was a googly. And i didn't play it well. Also did my third question wrong :( which ensured i screw this section completely. But the god news was in first 33 questions i did only 5 wrong but then there were 8 questions and hardly 10 minutes left. Rushed thru these and ended up doing 6 wrong with last 2 questions right as there were 5 minutes left for those :)

My scores:-



infact i was planning to leave the test in between because of the disturbances but then somehow kept it going and i think its fine keeping in mind only 11 questions in english went wrong out of 41.
So the lesson from this is PRACTICE HARD.... and for me DOnt Waste Time :)
lets see how it goes in the coming weeks.