Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Birthday - August 4

I think the excitement this day always starts 2-3 days before it actually comes. Atleast this is the case with me. As sson as the calander reads August 1 every year, a feeling of excitement sets within me. Somehow the world seems to be so good. This time also it was the same. Though this time i had to work for 14 hours for this entire week in the office, due to some issues in my project :(.
The day started at exactly at 12:00 AM in the night with my flatmates wishing me and bringing a surprise cake for me. First, as usual there was gugging and all but then all of a sudden they pick me a up. And in the very next second i am in air being kicked at my back :), as is the usual tradition :). Mann some of the kicks were really very hard, aahh. Then i cut the cake and did some other formalities. Now, another wild act my friends take the cake and it is all over my face, and then all over my head. And then it went wild. We started playing holi with the cake. I take a piece of cake and there it goes on my friend's face. Others start running...but another piece of cake, this time a large one and i somehow banged it right on the target......spackkkkkkkkk, straight on the head of another room mate. In a few minutes the floor of our balcony was completelty in mess. I had to take a bath after this.
When i woke up in the morning it was raining heavily outside. Anyways, got ready as soon as i could and wore an entirely new set of clothes.Somehow reached office without getting drenched. And then everybody wished me, it was soooo nice, i never thought they all will remember my birthday. You seem to be so impotant this day :). Also the whole lot of calls you get on your phone makes you feel all the more special. All the friends wishing you..its good. Almost after every 30 minutes next 10 minutes i was on a call on my mobile with friends calling to wish me.
But now the sad part, as the project was going tghrough a bad phase i had a lot of work :(. Also it was raining heavily so the entire plan of going for a movie and giving a party went for a toss. I had tioo work till 10 in the night and then went home. And mann it was still raining. It rained all through the day full 24 hours.
But still i enjoyes every moment of it, every call, every wish and every line code i wrote :). But the day could have been better if rain would have stopped. Anyways, thats okay. Thanks to all my friends for making me feel special. Its just because of the friends i feel, this day carried importance for me. i get to talk to all my friends on the same day.
On the whole, a nice day..