Monday, July 24, 2006

Kaplan Test 3 - 630(50, 33)

After a long gap this weekend i gave an online GMAT mock test. Though i didn't want to shatter my confidence by giving a Kaplan test but didn't have any other option as no other CD was there with me for the weekend :(. So decided to go for the Kaplan test.
Started the test late on Saturday evening. This time also i didn't attempt AWA sections. So started with Quant. It seemed easy though i got stuck in 1-2 questions. but it was fine except for the disturbance caused by the continuous loud noise of the TV which was coming from the other room. But i really can't help it. When i started with english i marked my first 3 questions very confidently but then was i not sure of next 2-3 questions. This time i tried to mantain speed throughout during the English section unlike previous tests in which i used to spend a lot of time on first 15 questions.
When i reached question 22 i somehow remembered that i have to go for shopping :) . A new sale has started at showrooms today only. After that though i tried to concentrate but couldn't lost complete concentration after question no. 26. This was also contributed by the noise i was getting from the other room. Thought of leaving the test but then just went on somehow for another 15 questions very fast. I experienced shortage oftime for last 2 questions but somehow managed to complete the test on time.

When i clicked for the results, mann i was pretty surprised to see 630 this time. i didnt expect that. Due to my low concentration level in the end, i actually thought that i have messed it.But it wasn't that bad.

630 ( QA - 50, VA- 33)

Saw through the solutions and found that in QA i marked 5 wuestions wrong, i expected max. 1-2 . But then saw most of them were foolist mistakes, excpet 2 ques. i mean.

But in VA as expected i marked almost every question wrong starting forom q26 i mean only 2 questions right after Ques. 25. So 14 questions i marked wrong here itself. I got just 5 questions wrong till ques. 25. First question i got wrong was Ques. 8 and then 12.
I think initial accuracy prevented me from sinking in this test.

Overall i have to increase my concentration levels now and practice more. I am hardly practicing these days. Now i also have to get serious about taking my GMAT date. Planning to take it in August end.

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