Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai - the financial capital of India was struck with as many as 7 blasts on 7/11, all in the local trains. Amost 189 people got killed in these blasts described to be the worst act of terorism after 1993 Mumbai blasts. But what amazed me was the spirit of the people of Mumbai immediately after the blasts. The city which is famous for its "Don't care" attitute suddenly changed and it seemed that every person there belongs to one family. I have heard about Mumbai, even if you fall walking on the road no one is going to pick you up, Mumbai never stops for anyone...but this time it really stopped and it stopped for helping its children.
People started helping each other in whatever way they could. I saw people distributing bottles of mineral water, packets of biscuits etc. to stranded commuters who could not reach their destinations because almost entire local transport system came to a halt for amost 3 hours after the blasts. People even offered commuters whose destinations were far off to stay in their homes for the night. I even read about instances when the autorickshaws were charging people only the normal fares even at 11pm in the night for far off destinations even when they are authorised by the govt. to charge double the fare after 10pm in the night. One Autorickshawallah said to a commuter "Aaj nahin leinge hum kisi se paise"( We will charge any money today). The dabbawallahs delivered dabbas in every house they do normally without getting afraid from going outside. In all the terrorists were defeated in every objective they had.

Now yesterday govt. asked people to observe a 2 minute silence to mourn the blast victims at 6.25pm, the prcise time of the blasts. And whole Mumbai stood still at that time for 2 minutes. Even though it is a rush hour , people stood quietly on roads and pavements , cars and buses stopped on roads, trains in transit also stopped and people stood in silence either closing their eyes or stood praying. All the traffic on almost every road of Mumbai stopped and stood silent. Even the cable operators switched off their telecast for 2 minutes during that time. Now is what is called the Spirit of Mumbai- The Spirit of INDIA...
I can tell you this city really has some life, every time i have been to this city i have fallen in love with it.


Marina said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes :)

tushar said...

its really true, & i proud to be a part of mumbai