Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plans between now and school

I have been thinking about what all i have to do before the school starts and believe me there are so many things to be done that i am actually falling short of time. I actually thought when i got selected at Stern that what will i do with so much time that i have. But now it seems the other way around.

As i will be an international student, i need to get my work permit transferred to a student visa before the school starts. Visa stamping is really a very painful process through which every international student has to go through. I am presently researching on all things i need to do for visa stamping.

I am planning to resign from my present job in US in may end and leave for India. On the way i will also be going to Hong Kong to visit my friend. Planning to checkout Hong Kong with my friend there before leaving for India.
In India, i will get my visa stamped and then there are many plans for travelling in India itself. Also i am really excited about meeting so many friends and relatives back in India.
After travelling and relaxing in June and July in India, i plan to fly back to New York by August second week for the orientation.

Also in between i have to look for my accomodation in New York which again is not an easy task. But i will do some apartment searching while i am there in New York for the admit weekend next month.
Stern is organizing the openieng ceremony of the admit weekend at the New York Stock Exchange and i am excited about attending that. Last couple of times i have just seen that building from outside and this will be the first time i am being invited to enter that building.

In between these plannings, travel and resting i need to find out time for following some of my hobbies which i initially thought i will be doing once my apps are done. And now that its done, I have started following and doing some of the things i wanted to do for so long and hope to continue that atleast till the school starts :)

- (The idea for this post has been give by Paige. Thanks Paige !! )


JulyDream said...

You're very welcome!! :D I believe this process is more than just taking the GMAT, applying and getting a decision. There is so much more to plan at this juncture. Additionally, I never considered my blog pure MBA, though it does lean that way. ;)

Enjoy India! It'll be great to visit the fam! :D ...is it May yet??

MBAandBeyond said...

Thats pretty elaborate planning :D

With this post, you are provoking (rather inspiring) me as well to plan and get stuff sorted out as soon as possible..

There is so much to do and so lil time..Gosh!

theincarnated said...

As one of the next crop of applicants, it's extremely inspiring for me when I imagine the thrill of such moments..... as you are undergoing (i.e. after the admit). Gr8 job..... keep us motivated......

V2B-School said...

Hi Achilles! You have a very inspiring blog here! Congrats and good luck. Enjoy yourself - August will be here before you know it.

oopsagain said...

Thanks for your support & the wishes! Right now, I;m still in the process of deciding "Should I?"
will take the decision this week hopefully
do let me know when you're back in India - maybe we could meet up before school starts... which cities would you be visiting?

Flores Online said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Achilles,

You are an Indian IT guy right. Same here but gal. I know that I dont have to be in leadersip position to lead and all that. It must be true. Can you throw some light on essays?

Iday said...

Achilles, just thought i would extend my good wishes on the BoB nomination and a great year of blogging. Hope you are enjoying the build up to your Bschool days. Cheers.

Achilles said...

mail me at my gmail id and we can take it from there

Thanks dude!! All the best to you too...