Monday, November 06, 2006

Chennai trip and updates

I am visting my blog after a very long time. I cannot say that i was very busy to visit or make an entry but yeah for whole of last month there was something or the other coming up.

Like first i went home on October 18th, it was a very good trip. I really didnt realise how 12 days of leave passed at home. I made some nice trips to a temple in Himachal and also visted Anantpur Sahib gurdwara. Then we also made an evening trip to the hills, on way to Shimla. On the whole a very relaxing and exciting trip. Came back to hyderabad on 1st Novemeber because i had a visa date at Chennai consulate on #rd Novemeber. So i had to fly to chennai on 2nd November. Chennai is one city i always had a fear for. And as soon as i landed at Chennai airport it was raining heavily and got little drenched there itself. A nice way for that city to annoy me further :).
Anyways since this was an official trip i had cab pickup and drop from airports so there wasn't any problem as such. I just identified the playcard with my name and just sat in the cab which took me straight to the guest house. And company guest houses are always good, nice ambience and also nice food :).
Got up early next day for the visa interview and after some moment of anxities had my visa satmnped:) . I was happy atleast the main work for which i am here has been done. Though it was raining outside after every half an hour. I had to buy an umberella before going to the consulate because sometime the queue outside the embassy is very big. but i was lucky that i didnt have to wait for more that 10 minutes in this queue.
Anyways, i then went to the most talked about mall of Chennai, and frankly speaking, i found it like Palika Bazaar in Delhi, though here some of teh shops were larger but the arrangemnet was quite like Palika Bazaar. I had my lunch at pizza hut and took the suto straight to my guest house. It was really gloomy weather outside so didnt want to stand there anymore. I spent my rest of the day in the guest house watching television. Then i took the next morning flight back to hyderabad. Only good and the best thing about chennai was that i got my visa stamped. :)

Anyways will try to be more regular on my blog now.
Cya all.

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