Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, i was in bangalore for last 2 weeks and came back yesterday only. will write a seperate entry for the trip. It was really cool and full of fun. But after coming back from there i did a self introspection after some discussions with friend.

He just asked me one question, Do u like your work? Though the answer for this is clear in my mind - NO, but i never analyzed clearly as to what is that thing which i work for?
So i just asked myself, if you are not happy what is that is still keeping me in this job? and what is it that i expect from this job. And after getting a little deep into my soul, i realized it is -power and recognition ( i know i am a complete Leo :) ). Money is something which i never cared for but ofcourse it always comes with power and ofcourse is a basic necessity. But its not something which i aim for or which i quantify.

Though i have my aims set right but somehow i have not been able to prioritize them. And thus i always end up getting confused and not actually getting down to do things which i aspire for. Also i believe your vision for life or you can say the final goal is most important, the path you take to get there is something which is very subjective to you. But there is one more point here, some people will take their lifetime to reach there and some will achieve much earlier, at the right time. And this all depends on your risk taking abilities and passion you have to do these things.

Now i know i have to give up my laziness completely and start working towards my goals. Also i think being vague is always dangerous. I mean vague about your goals and interests. This vagueness has prevailed in me for sometime now. One should be clear about these things and then only one can walk on the path which can lead him to that goal. Being vague doesn't allow one to take the risks to achieve things. I always think that taking risks is necessary if one wants to reach to the pinnacle. Ofocurse one hould be prudent in setting goals. So confusion always hampers the risk taking capability. Also, this also increases the element of luck in whatever we do. Because if we dont give our 100%, the final result will depend more on luck. So people always end up cursing luck.

According to me Success = Intelligence + Hard Work + Luck.

Intelligence - Some basic intelligence is necessary for every kind of work and most of the people have this. Its just that people dont realize or lack self confidence.
But here more the intelligence, less is the amount or hard work you need to do. So hard work can compensate even for intelligence to a very large extent. Now Luck also shares the same relationship with hard work. The more hard work we do less will be the element of luck in Success. but one thing is for sure the element of luck can never be completely eliminated from this. It is always there but can be greatly reduced by proper planning and hard work.

I stilll remember one of my teacher used to say, " Success is more often the result of hard work than of intelligence and luck".

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