Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Need of a Revolution

Since i have registered to this blog this is the first post which i think i will be writing from my heart. I was just hoping to find some time to write on some topics that are very close to my heart. And Today i was able to find it.
So here i am.
Revolution - dictionary defines it as "A drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving" and also "A single complete turn". Well, i understood its meaninng only when i saw RDB. RDB shows hows simple, common people can bring revolution. After seeing RDB i realised the importance of this word and also what it takes to bring one. Revolutionaries like Lenin, Bhagat Singh, Nelson Mandela have left their mark on the history of this world. There is now a feeling inside me, Can i ever be a part of a revolution? Will i ever live a revolution? I really want to do something important in my life, something which leaves a mark ( I am a true LEO, u see :) ) .

When i saw RDB i thought may be govt. can't be that much cruel but the reservation policy of this congress govt. in India has really changed my mind. It is happening in reality. I mean how can these people be so illogical. India today is on the footsteps of the developed world and these politicians like Arjun Singh just want to drag us back into the dark. The other day, i saw an interview of our HRD minister, in devils's advocate and he looked like a complete fool, an oppertunist who just for his personal and political gains wants to push his country in dark. There is a limit to everything. Govt. can't ruin the life so many intelligent people like this. It cant blame its shortcomings on us. I mean, if govt. was unable to provide education to all people since 50 years of indeppendence and if the existing reservation couldn't help the SC's and ST's that much then why the hell do we need it? 50% of the seats in IIT's are still left vacant. I still remember how i missed the seat in IIT's by a whisker. And those damn people scoring half the marks and doing half the hard work went to study in IIT's. And then when i try for hiher education these poeple will still get reservation. why?? what disadvantage they faced in the IIT's man. It was me who was facing the disadvantage now. though i was studying in a very good college (PEC) but still i was not there in that IIT environment. And these SC, ST and OBC will now make it to the IIM's also on the basis of same reservation. Sons of IAS will get reservations just because govt. doesnt agree on Supreme court views on creamy layer.

7000 CRORES - this is the amount govt. makes by applying education cess on our incomes and still it cant make education possible for everyone. How much money can a person eat. I mean if these politicians want they can have 5 crore each in their pockets but then please leave the rest of the money for the development of this poor country. How the hell you can give a reservation of 27% to people who just constitute 29% of the population acc. to National Family and Health Survey. Now it has even been shown that Jawahar Lal nehru was against reservations but then this idiot our minister says that now the parliament has decided this, we cant do anything now. Someone remind him that you are only the ones who constitute parliament. He just forgot this also in his old age.
These people really dont realise the value of talent, the need of ensuring that intelligence doesn't leave Indian Borders. Look at China, even if chinese people do their MBA from US colleges after spending some 1000K$, they will return to China because oppertunities are there. It was now that i felt that there are many oppertunities in India and whoever is Indian by heart should come back here and help build this nation for which those 23 year olds gave their life. I am referring to Bhagat Singh etc, the members of the Revolutionary party of India. But now these politicians are saying that within 2 years they will implement quotas in private sector too.
Ok lets give them quotas but arrive at some realistic figures. I mean if 1.5 Lakh general category people sit for CAT for 1000 seats then the number should be matched for the OBC's as well. There the seats will left vacant and here we will give our lives for fighting it out for just one seat.

But now i think i dont have the right to blame these politicians, and maybe also to the people who vote for some of the greatest fools. What have i done for my country? So, i dont have the right to blame others if they have not done enough. In RDB, DJ(Aamir Khan) said "zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hain, ek - jo ho raha hai use hone do, ya phir - zimmedari uthao use badalne ki." (There are only 2 ways to live – One, Whatever is happening – let it happen. Else take the responsibility to bring the change). And i somehow till now belong to the first category but now i have the courage to make it to the second category. I mean you cant blame a nation for all the wrong things. " Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banana padta hai " ( No nation is perfect, its we the citizens who have the responsibility to make it perfect ).

And maybe, first time in my life i am feeling that this is the time for a revolution, this is the time when i can live it once, this is the time when i can do something for my nation.

Many a times i thought after RDB that i will join politics and do something about it but then for this purpose i will have to give up all my other dreams, dreams which are very important to me, dreams for which i can give anything. But then someone has to come forward. Lets see how long this feeling lasts or whether it bring a change inside me. For now, i shall follow the path of my dreams only.

C'mon people lets get together and do something about it. This is our one last chance to fight, to fight for our future, to fight for our family, to fight for for our community, to fight for our nation, to fight for those young brave souls who gave their lives just to secure the future of their countrymen. United we can change this world, divided we will always fall. Lets show to those damn politicians that blood flowing in our veins is still the same which flowed in the veins of Bhagat Singh. "Ab bhi jo khoon na khola, khoon nahin woh paani hai, jo desh ke kaam na aaye woh bekaar jawani hai". Believe me together we can bring about this revolution. This revolution must ensure that our next generation open their eyes in India which we all can only dream of, no soul on this piece of earth will then ever find a need to leave this nation for better oppertunities abroad.

One more line :-
If that is the way a change can be brought, then so be it, i am for it.


Shruti said...

Indeed a gr8 post. Great thoughts.

righty said...

Those were some mind boggling thoughts & facts... Keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

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Praveen Reddy said...

thts really awesome dude!! Some or indeed most of these thoughts are in the minds of every youth.