Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Story of a long weekend

April 29,20, May 1
This was a 3 day weekend i had. i was anxiously waiting for this long weekend, had plans for 2 movies studying for GMAT and ofcourse sleeping big time!!
On friday night my freind Gaurav was to leave for US. So just did 3 RC's after office hours and then sat with him and my other flatmates gossiping until he left at 12am in the night for the airport. then started watching TV and soon went for sleeping, thought will study for next 3 days, lets enjoy today.
On Saturday, woke up late as usual and then started studying even though tehre was no ligh(what a determination!!) but after giving one mock GMAT test (in which i got depressing 700, was expecting 740, anyways the pattern was very different from actual GMAT). Then read a newspaper for a while. it was 1830 now so just was excited about my 930pm movie, Gangster.
Movie was good i think and songs were too good, but was feeling a little fever when i reached home. so went to sleep.
woke up late on sunday morning late :) and was again feeling fever so afer bruch again went to leep, read newspaer then, again went to sleep.... then went for my 7pm movie Darna zaroori hai. movie was average, may be i was expecting a lot from it and it turned out to be below my expectations. but i still feel that RGV is great, he has a unique style of direction and choice of stories which i like. Then went to Shiv's (my senior , he is in motorola, in himanshu's team). Had a nice dinner and equally nice gossiping after that and again felt fever there. This day just passed like that. made a late phone call which i was waiting to make but then none picked up the phone.
next day again i was not well and again slept thru the day. Had a bday party in the evening. but then in the evening i and himanshu were going on bike for some work and had an accident!!
Man, that stupid car wala hit our bike from the side and runs away, and before i realized what has happened i was down on the road over my friend bleeding from hand and left leg. But my friend was worst hit, because he was driving, got bruises on all his 4 lims and visible body parts, got first aid from the local hospital there and also got a tetanus injection. The lady gave the injections as if giving it to some horse and boy, its still paining more than any of my bruises.
I took himanshu to Appolo hospital emegency where we had X rays and luckily there was noo fracture. After paying the hefty bill and afer almost 4 hours we returned home without doing the work for which we had gone :). I had to take a leave on Tuesday which further extended my weekend. But now i am feeling better.
Accidents also give you some experiences in life which you could not have got otherwise and believe me some of them will really be good but nevertheless no one wants to have them(including me).
Buy due to this accident my GMAT prepration has gone for a toss.

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