Saturday, August 04, 2007

Powerprep 2 - Broke the barrier :)

Today God really wanted me to give a bday gift and see he has given it :) , i just broke the barrier which i have been thinking to break for so long. Yup i have hit 750.

Scores in Powerprep2 :-

Overall - 750 ( Q-50, V-41)

It was a very nice feeling when i looked at the score.

Quant section:- ( 1 Question wrong) - completed with 10 minutes to spare

The section seemed very easy, i don't know why, though there were some tricky questions here and there. But overall the level was easy.
And i got just one question wrong here - Q27 :( and that too was a foolish mistake. Due to this i missed hitting 51 in Maths.

Verbal Section:- Completed with 14 minutes to spare.

It was of average difficulty level, but this time i saw some of the question which i had already seen somewhere :( . So that also questions the validity of these scores since i had already seen some of the questions. I think other people also experience the same with Powerprep.

Questions wrong :- ( 6 questions wrong - 1 less than the less time.)
2, 9, 12, 17, 21, 23

Breakup :-

1- SC :)
3- RC
2- CR

I am really happy that i decided top give the test today on my birthday :) and managed to hit a good score also. Though there were some seen questions but i am happy that atleast once i have broken the barrier.
The race has started and i have started running atleast :).
The next test is going to be GMAT Prep1


Wannabe said...

go Achilles! the GMAT is your bitch today! whoa :P

Oops said...

Way2go Achilles - Happy B'day & all the best for ur G-day

I'm facing the same problem, repeat questions on all tests, but the bigger issue is that I'm still getting some of them wrong :-( some repeatedly wrong, and some previous right ones are going wrong :-((

Hope ur doing better.

Shobhit said...

Congrats Achilles! U r on ur way to a 750+ score..

Yes, Powerprep does have most of the Qs from OG.. So the score that u get may b slightly inflated.. Gud thing is that in GMATPrep very few Qs r from OG.. and once u gave taken the 2 tests just reinstall the software and U'll get 2 almost fresh tests!!

Gud Luck!!

Tickle said...

kickass dude! well done. and Happy Birthday! wow, was it happy for you or what!?

yeah i figured i couldnt devote enough time over the past few months and all my prep there had gone to nought. so i had to take a month off and do this.

in case you dint see it on my blog homepage, i'll be using the OG and Kaplan GMAT primarily and then whatever i can from veritas (took the course primarily for strategies). plus, since im weaker on math, im using Kaplan GRE n GMAT math workbook.

anyway, keep it goin bud.. all the best!

mbaboyhk said...

Tell you what, my powerprep result was the closest to my actual result. GMATPrep always underestimates because it is so much harder than the real thing.

So, you should be rest assured!

Achilles said...
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ClearAdmit Blog said...

earning a stupendous 750 on his birthday, Achilles’ heel certainly isn’t the GMAT!

Anonymous said...

Congrtulations! Do you have any tips for scoring well in the Quant. section of the GMAT?

Achilles said...


i can guide you a bit regarding quant but what problems are you actually experiencing, if you can tell me that, i can help you in improving.
you can also mail me

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