Saturday, August 11, 2007

GMATPrep 1 - And I've hit the barrier again

Today was the day when i had planned to give my GMATprep1 practice test and i have been waiting for this day throughout this week.
I woke up at 9 AM and reached library at 10, the time when it opens on Saturday morning. I looked for a quiet place and soon started the test. Started with AWA for the first time, just though about a few points and wrote down but didn't actually write it the way i should write on the D day.
Started with the Quant section and encountered 8th question as a probability question which was kind of tough. I wasted some time on this one and then marked(guessed) it to proceed to the next question. Overall Maths section was of good difficulty level, with some very good questions coming in between and some of the questions really took time. Also i had to attend an imp phone call in between this section and thus ended up wasting 2-3 minutes of test time, the importance of which i realised in the last minutes of this section.
Now when i reached question 28 there were only 12 minutes left. God...i took so much time for the first time in this section. Also initially i was rechecking my answers for each question which again wasted some of the time.....this is somewhat similar to what happens with people on the actual test day. But then i speeded up and completed this section just on time. I had to guess 2 questions due to lack of time which ultimately went wrong.

Now started verbal and it started with an easy CR. But the second question was a SC which as kind of tough. And soon started RC's and all. I came across 4 RC's but one thing different was that most of the passages were small, they were not very large...was i lucky in this test??
Finally finished this section with 2 minutes to spare. Clicked on results. Somehow, I didn't have good feeling and expected the score to be around 700 only, but.....

750 ( Q- 49, V- 42) --- Godd i am so happy for today!!

Questions wrong:-

Q- 3, 8, 24, 28, 33, 36 ----6 questions wrong. But the 3 rd question is wrong in the test strangely ....i made all my friends solve this question and they found the same answer as i marked but GMATprep shows a different answer which certainly is wrong. Has anybody encountered such a situation?

V- 2,4,14, 18, 22, 24, 32, 33, 34, 36

But now the bad part---
I screwed quant badly - fell short of time for last 10 questions and also scored 49 :(:( .....i cannot afford to go below 50 in Maths on the D-Day this test has made me believe that at least there is no chance for me to score 51 in Q on the D- Day. I have to practice this section more to have any chance of scoring 51 on D- Day assuming that the difficult level on the real test is same as that of GMATprep. What say people??

Verbal though the score seems good but i made 10 mistakes and out of those 5 were SC's.

Breakup of mistakes:-

SC- 5/16 ---- just 68.75% accuracy :(
RC - 2/14
CR- 3/11

So my SC accuracy in this test was really pathetic :( . I have to revise all my concepts again and practice more in this area.

Also one other thing i am worried about is i was not at all confident when i was clicking on results that i will be able to hit this much, that means i was not confident of questions i marked which is also true.

Anyways, the only thing i can do right now is to keep the focus and practice more. Also still AWA is pending...... Now i am just 2 weeks away from D-Day. And believe me if i am able hit this score in real, i will be so very happy!!

Will be giving my GMATprep2 test next week and keep you all updated about my prep. Also may be will need help of you people, as i approach near the real test.


Bokaa said...

Way to go buddy! I am sure you are steadily moving towards a 750 in the actual exam as well.

Best of luck.

Oops said...

Had you in mind when i mentioned "yet to appear for the test" :-) i think 'most every one else is already thru - will encapsulate the whole experiance tmrw

Hows ur prep going?

btw, I had 750 on GMAC1 (before prep) and 770 on GMAC2 (final prep test b4 the final one) and the were the most indicative, along with 800score - so I think ur doing really well too

Oops said...

Hey, check out my new blog entry. Let me know any other way I can help...

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