Friday, August 03, 2007

Got the GMAT Scheduled

Finally, I have taken the plunge.
Today morning when i reached office, i checked and saw one slot available on August 28, the date which i had in the back of my mind. As soon as i saw the date , i took out my credit card and booked it. Well spent 250$ :).
The center is approx. 10 miles from my home, so its kind of near :). I will have to visit the center in advance to see for the parking arrangements, don't want to take any chances on the test day.

Now i am just praying that work pressure remains low for these 3 weeks somehow and i am able to complete all the things that i have planned before the test :).
Only major cause of worry right now is that i haven't started with the AWA section. From where are other bloggers preparing for this section?

So the clock has started ticking for me now. Its a race and i have to win it somehow.


Tickle said...

That's great. I too shall be taking my GMAT in the week before that. However, I guess I'm still further behind you in my prep. I don't know if you saw my blog already, but it's at Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

btw, i'm taking an intensive prep course by Veritas which should be over by the 12th. Will rely on their suggestions for the AWA. I'll be happy to share what i learn.

All the best dude..

Jen said...

I used the Princeton Review book for my AWA strategy. Read it a week before the test, practiced a few times, and felt fine about it so didn't do anything else. Got good scores too!

Shobhit said...

Good!! U got a date when u wanted it..
AWA is not that big a problem.. U have sufficient time for that.. Just search for 2-3 good templates and try to find time to write timed essays every week.. I'd suggest if u've got time,write at least 2-3 essays every week and spend some time thinking over topics of official list regularly..
Gud luck!!

Bokaa said...

This is what I did:

1) Took tips on how to approach AWA from Kaplan and OG
2)Thoroughly went through their sample arguments and issues
3) Prepared a general template on how I would approach/frame my essays
4) Wrote around 3 issues and 3 arguments on the same pattern.
5) Followed the same approach on D -Day

I think this should be more than enough, no need to sweat much on AWA!

Oops said...

Gr8 man - wtg
guess you start your countdown now;

dont worry, I've got my date in 9 days, and still need to do AWA properly. I've gone thru all the Argument topics, and many Issue topics, thought about them in my mind, but havent yet sat down and done the whole writing bit. Never get the time with my consulting job with all the traveling, etc.

i suppose this weekend is going to be the ideal time to start for me - will let you know how it goes :-)

Bokaa said...

I would say that if you do not have enough practice tests at this point of time to do, then go for 1000 CR and SC's.

My take is that during the last 15 days you should focus on doing as many practice tests as possible.

Anonymous said...

I agree with shobhit, for AWA I just looked at the templates online at and downloaded the list of questions. There is no way you're going to try all of those, but just pull one or two out a week (on random) and practice writing the essay in 30 mins. Definitely do this in front of a computer.

That will give you the confidence that you can go in on test day and nail the essays.

good luck!