Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Penultimate test...

So finally i gave my penultimate test -- GMATPrep2 ,and its still 1 week left for my GMAT....but believe me i really need this remaining time.
Though i scored ok on this test, but i scored my worst accuracy in SC--> 53% and i m really worried about it now. While giving the test i didn't expect my SC accuracy to be so down. I scored a 100% accuracy in CR but they were not of GMAT level, they seemed to be below that.

Though i scored 750(Q-50, V-41) in the test, i got 11 questions wrong in Verbal.

Questions wrong:- 7, 15, 16, 18, 22, 26, 29, 33, 37, 38, 39

SC wrong :- 8/17

So after all the preps i got my lowest accuracy in SC till now :( ....i have to put a strategy in place for next 1 week to improve in SC and also i need some more practice in CR.

Maths:- Though i scored 50 today but i made 7 mistakes, which was very disappointing. Though many of them were foolish but committing foolish mistakes at this stage is the last thing i want.

I am planning to revise Kaplan 800 in the coming week and also revise some of my concepts from Manhattan. Also i will analyze all my mistakes done in Verbal.

AWA: Though i have prepared the format of the essays but i haven't done much practice here, so need to practice more to gain some confidence in this section.

Coming week is really going to be very long for me......


Bokaa said...

Hey don't worry dude....its just about that ONE DAY. I think you have an excellent score and should focus on revising SC concepts and the mistakes you committed in your practice and tests.

I am sure you will end up with a 750!

Vivid said...

Hey, I am fellow MBA aspirant too.I have been following ur posts in a while.
Started my preps more than a month ago and havent picked up yet..
I see that you are doin really well in Quant and Verbal.
I am comfortable with OK level Quant, but not confident about tough Quant..any suggestions about how to go about them? Any books or material u suggest..

Accuracy in SC is pathetic. How are you working on your SC?

TIA for your advice..

And with a week to go for ur D-Day..All the very Best!!

Geetu said...

Yo dude...
its not even about the day.. its jus the four hours! :-)

and trust me.. u hv a strange calmness settle all over u! :-) hehe.. you have been doing well.. you will do jus fine on ur G day! ;-)

all the best. give a holler if you need any silly pep talk..

Tickle said...

it's going good dude.. keep it up..
there's no way you're scoring <750.
All the best, mate!
I'm taking my test on the 25th.. will let you know of any insights..

Anonymous said...

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