Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Updates on my GMAT prep

Due to less work pressure this week, my GMAT prep is going on satisfactorily :).

OG is almost complete once now, except some RC passages which i will complete soon.

Various sections:-

RC - Presently doing from OG
SC - Doing it from a 200 SC collection. They are good.
CR - Doing it from another collection which i have.

PS & DS - Done with OG, not started with any other material. Looking for some material on DS.

I am also having OG Verbal review, i think i will start it soon. By early next week, i will have Kaplan GMAT 800 with me. I will start it after giving one more Computer Based test ( and scoring good marks in it :) ).

I have given 2 test till now :-

Kaplan CAT 1 - 670 ( M - 50, V - 36)
Kaplan CAT 2 - 610 ( 50, 30)

Also gave some sectional tests from Kaplan CD, which were good. They help in timing for a particular section. I was able to complete the SC's well before time i.e with a speed of less than 1 min. per question. Accuracy was also decent. Also tried one CR section, which also went fine.

The main problem area for me right now is RC, where i am having very bad accuracy and i almost take 2 minutes per question. Will need to do a lot of practice here.

Cya guys. Any tips are welcome.


Wannabe said...

Where are you getting your SC questions? 200 SC collection? I'm interested in getting it too

Achilles said...


I got it from a friend. This collection is not a challenging one, it contains easy questions initially and some good questions in the end. But itis helpful when one starts the prepration. if u want i can mail it to u.

Alex said...

good luck w/ GMAT.. looks like you're getting there.

Boywonder said...

Dont worry about "lower" scores on Kaplan..their exams are harder and underestimate by 50-100 points. I scored 540 on my first Kaplan exam, highest I ever got ws 700+ on the real test.

My advice, ditch kaplan. Their verbal questions are poor and the math questions are too messes up your timing which is critical. Stick with OG materials. GMATPrep software is a true indicator though...its amazing how accurate that software is.

preeti said...

GMAT SC is one of the difficult section of the exam. So those preparing for exam and facing problems in SC, they should go for e-GMAT to learn.