Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bought some books related to management

I was thinking to buy some books related to management for quite sometime now, finally today i went to the store and bought 3 books.

1) Snapshots from Hell - The Making of an MBA
- Peter Robinson
2) The McKinsey Way
3) The Mckinsey Mind
- By Ethan Raisel

"Snapshots from Hell", i am sure most of you people would have read this one. I started this book and read the first 3 chapters. Its an interesting book about the life of a guy who gets admitted into Stanford GSB and what he goes through when he reaches there. But the guy in this books seems to hate Mathematics especially Calculus, which i definitely love :) .

The other 2 books, i haven't started and i basically bought them to get more insight into Management Consulting. I hope they turn out to be good books. Anybody of you people have read these??

Also i wanted to read some of the good biographies or autobiographies, ofcourse related to the field of management.
Please suggest me some good books related the field of management. I basically want to get more insight and also motivation by reading some of the books. I would also like to read some books on finance.

Waiting to get some good suggestions from every one of you out there :)


Wannabe said...


read all 3 books

the mckinsey are quite interesting once they talk about the processes that they use at mckinsey

snapshots is good reading for fun, though i wish he spoke about what happened to his classmates after graduating in more detail

but have read those books a while back, so I can't really remember them too well.

Inblue said...

Great ! Like wannabe, I've read all 3 of them. The first one is really fun. I enjoyed it.

The next two will definitely give you a peek into the 'McKinsey world'for sure.

Achilles said...


can u suggest some other books also :)


two of these books i bought after reading ur posts at PG :) so i want to thank u for getting me buy these 2 books :) , and hey ur reply to my mail is still pending, remember na :), i m still confused about many things, and i hope to get them cleared from u :)

any other good books??

Wannabe said...

I know a great book, it's called

The Official Guide for GMAT Review (11th Edition) :(

Yeah, I'm hitting the GMAT once again. Starting this week (hopefully starting today).

Depends on what you want to read about though. Lots of interesting books out there that are MBA related. Thankfully, only a few read like an RC passage. :p

What are you interested in?

Achilles said...


i want to read some of the books which give more insight in finance and also maybe consulting.
Some good biographies and autobiographies will also will be nice, if u can suggest something

Oops said...

in case you still hv time, try:
1. The running of the Bulls
2. Barbarians at the Gate
3. Liar's Poker