Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kaplan test 2 - 610 :(

My second kaplan test and it really didnt go upto my expectations. I aimed to cross 650 atleast in this one and what i get is a poor - 610. I understand that Kaplan test are tough but i should have managed atleast 650. My aim of scoring 750 seems to be distant right now.

I had a feeling that i have marked all questions in Maths correctly but 3 questions went wrong this time also :( . Anyways, i can improve on that. my first mistake happened at Q 22 which is satisfactory i think.

The blunder happened in Verbal. Though i was able to mark first few questions correctly, but then marked Q6, Q7 wrong. Both of them were SC's.
Then i marked my second RC fully wrong :(:(.
Question 18-23 i marked all wrong which included 1 RC and 2 CR's.
In all my accuracies were something like:-
SC's - 8/15 ------> 53.33% :(:(
CR's - 9/14 ------> 63.33%
RC's - 6/12 -------> 50 % :(:(

Total 23/41 --------> 56.1%
In all 18 questions wrong in verbal which is quite bad.

Final Result - 610 (50, 30)

I didnt practice SC's this week, maybe that resulted in such a bad show there. I think, i will have to pratice more regulary in this area. RC's i have just started doing, i know i will be able to improve here.

But one thing good about today's test was that there were no time constraints. i managed to finish Maths section with 4 min. to spare and Verbal with 2.5 minutes to spare. Atleast i am catching up on speed now.

Today's learning:- More practice and regular practice.

I am yet to complete OG- the goal i had set for myself last week. The only thing left here is 126 RC questions and 49 PS questions. RC i will complete by doing regularly whereas PS i will complete by tomorrow.
Its time to start GMAT 800 book now, but unluckily i forgot that book at my parent's home when i last went there. Have asked them to courier the book but that will take 3-4 days to reach me, meanwhile i will practice the online material.

Cya guys, will keep you all updated. And if you people have any useful tips do share them with me.


Anonymous said...

If you practice over and over again with the CD of the Official Guide, it would really help. Good luck!

necromonger said...

Don't freak out too much about Kaplan tests. People generally score low on them.

Focus on the official GMAT Prep, the MGMAT and Princeton tests are better as well. Use Kaplan to practice but don't sweat over the scores.

Achilles said...


Thanks, yeah i will definitely do that.


Thanks, yeah got the Princeton CD and will arrange for the MGMAT series.

Anonymous said...

you might want to try taking the kaplan course. three years ago, i studied on my own using the kaplan CDs, etc. though i worked very hard, i only got a 610 on the exam. this year i took the kaplan course and got a 710.

it sounds silly, since you'd think kaplan study materials would be as effective as a course--but it's not true. the course is great and i would highly recommend it to you if you are concerned.

Achilles said...


i am trying out things right now, probably u r right taht course will be different from study material. lets see if other things work out for me, else will definitely work on your suggestion.

Thanks buddy.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the Kaplan tests scare you. I think they just make them hard so you worry and sign up for their $1000 class. Take the power prep practice test for a true measure of where you are at.

Kaplan practice test scores:

PowerPrep scores

Actual GMAT score

If you need to practice SC, pick up the Manhatten materials. You math score looks high already. I spent the whole last week studying only SC. Lots of people are good at math on the GMAT. Cracking the verbal is the key to a high score.

Achilles said...


actually after scoring 670 in Kaplan Test 1, i expected to cross 650 in this one but a suden dip in score to 610 in Kaplna 2 shattered some confidence.
But reading your post i think its okay and i should concentrate on material i have and yeah will start with the powerpreps soon.

Ganja Turtle said...

i got 540 on a kap practice test and finaly got 710...go by the powerprep/gmatprep scores and not by what the kap says...keep the faith - cheers!