Sunday, March 11, 2007

Moved India --> Minneapolis (USA)

hi everybody,

Its been long time since i last posted on my blog and believe me my life has undergone a lot of changes since then, good or bad that depends on one's perspective.

On February 16, my company decided to move me to US and i was informed about it. On Feb 19, just 4 days after that i had packed everything. In this one day, i completed all the formalities and also booked my tickets. on very next day i took an early morning flight to my home place and then on Feb 24 took my US flight from Delhi.
Well, it was a nice journey and nice experience. I came via Amsterdam and Chicago. At Chicago airport my uncle had come to meet me. I had lunch with him and then finally took a flight to Minneapolis. Since then i had been very very busy in my new project here.

So many things have changed i think, moving to a different country is altogether a different thing from moving to a dfifferent city in a same country. For the first few days , i was completely confused and completely depended on few of my freinds here( yeah, i knew some people here who were working in my company). I didnt know what to eat for lunch, they only guided me. If i happen to move out of office building i even got confused locating it back , believe me friends i never had trouble in locating things in India. But here due to the sky ways and all i got confused because we move from one building to another without even knowing how far we have come from the office :).
But yeah now i seem to have settled, i have taken a new apartment on rent here and trying to getting settle in here. I still have to buy some of the things before i feel completely settled here, though its been 2 weeksnow.

Now the bad news, I have been away from my GMAT prepration for over 3 weeks now and is completely out of touch. I was going very well with the prep but due to this sudden transfer i couldn't do anything. I have to soon start with my prep again. I dont know how my=uch thing thing has affected my prep but i thing th ehard work which i had done will not get wasted atleast and i will not need much time to complete my prep. Will post a detailed post on this once i start my prep again which i plan to start within a week.

Hey, anyone of you in and around Minneapolis who is preparing for GMAT?? Now i have to do my prep at this place itself so it would be nice if know some of the people who are into their preps or who will be doing their apps.

Cya people


JuJu said...

Yeah, the skyways take some getting used to. You can feel like a mouse in a maze. But once you learn your way around, you'll love them. Minnesota winters can be rough so it's nice to be able to walk from one side of the city to the other without going outside.

I would take a Kaplan course if I were in your shoes. That would really help get a leg up on the GMAT (it helped me). Good luck.

Forrest Gump said...

thanks for your comment. wish you the best with your gmat and the subsequent apps. let me know if you have any doubts etc which i can help with.

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