Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Less than 18 hours to go...

Less than 18 hours to go for deadlines of Ross and Darden Applications for Round 1. I haven't submitted both of these applications till now. I am feeling a lot of anxiety while pressing that 'Submit' button for the first time.

Things still left to be completed:-


1) I am not completely satisfied with my Ross2 essay. Though the concept is very good and all my reviewers have appreciated that, i have to re frame some of the sentences in this essay. One of my reviewers has again reviewed it today and i am awaiting comments from her on this one.

2) Ross3 essay - I completely changed this essay today. The concept was good but two of reviewers gave some critical comments. I modified it completely and sent it for one more review. Waiting for comments on this one too. The essay now seems to be really good, its just that i may need to correct some grammar here and there.

3) Pay the fees :)

4) But my biggest concern, one of my recommenders has still not submitted my reco for this one. Actually she tried submitting the recommendation yesterday but couldn't open thee site :(. She will try it again in next 2-3 hours and let me know. If she's not able to open the site, either i will have to call Ross or will have to ask her to send the reco to someone in US to be uploaded, since i am able to open this page easily.


1) Fit with Darden - Thank God i got some good comments on this essay and i was able to modify this essay accordingly. I have changed this essay completely today. I was in doubts about this essay since last 3-4 days but today one of my reviewers gave some very negative comments -"i am not answering the question asked". I immediately sat down and rewrote the essay. It took 20-3 hours to come up with something because of this end moment tension. Now again sent this one for review and got positive comments. But now the problem is that i am exceeding the word limit by good 40 words. So, i have to cut down some of the lines, unable to figure out which ones.

2) Darden 3 essay:- This essay is fine, just i have to modify the opening line once :)

3) Mail the transcripts.

4) Pay the fees :)

Ok guys, wish me luck.....i hope i am able to complete everything left in another 2-3 hours.

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Oops said...

I think ur ready for an mba man - a completed app with 18 hrs to go? u need more knowledge on JIT!

i'm facing the fit problem - that essay still has to be done, others are pretyy fine, should finalize them today evening. darden has this reception today, which i'm hoping will answer my fit essay :)