Monday, October 22, 2007

Darden essays - doubts and updates

I have completed my first draft of Darden essays last weekend itself. But didn't send those draft to my reviewers until this weekend. Actually, i myself reviewed it multiple times during the week and everytime i improved a lot on them. Also, on Darden first essay, i changed a basic concept of this essay just yesterday. So after doing many changes, i finally sent the essay for review and got first essay with comments. They are generally positive, so not much worries. I have sent this essay to my second reviewer now.

Problem for me is that all my reviewers are first year students at B schools itself and are damn busy in their schools. I am really asking too much from them by asking them to review. Though they are doing it gladly, but i know reviewing one essay deeply really takes lots of time. Thus i am unable to ask them to hurry. Some of my essays have not been reviewed even once, which is worrying me a lot now :(. I hope they get time and give review comments to me on time.

Darden essay 1- This essay doesn't ask us to explain why Darden ? Is it still necessary to put why Darden stuff in this essay, since that will consume, lots of space and is something which is not asked. Its better to give more importance to what's asked in the essay. writing 1-2 generic lines on Darden may be fine but again i think these 1-2 lines simply undermine the importance of 'Why Darden' and its better not to write anything on school. But if 'why Darden' is necessary then we need to take atleast 100 words to explain it, thus we are left with just 400 words for the actually essay which in itself is very tough, sine here we need to relate our goals to what matters to us and also we need to explain the why MBA part.

Darden essay 2 and essay 3- now we have only 300 words limits for these essays. Should we provide only examples in these essays, without giving a starting or ending sentence? Because adding an opening and closing sentence will consume lots of words and will affect the quality of examples. And since its written concrete examples, you just cant mention that you did this, there needs to be atleast one more line given to explain each of the examples.

People, let me know your thoughts on these essays. Thanks


The Teacher said...

Hey Achilles,

All the best for your Darden App. I am still struggling with my first essay. For essay 2 and 3, I have given a one-liner as an ending to the essay which shows my continuation of efforts at Darden.

For essay 1, although the "Why MBA" part is clear but I am not able to figure out what should be the target approach for "What matters most". Should that be in reference to your career goals in a broader perspective, or a personal satisfaction agenda? Do share your thoughts.


Bokaa said...

I am in the same boat man. I haven't even started my essay 2 and 3, lets see how things take shape.

I am more worried about the "Professional" bit in essay 2 and 3. Have you used both instances from your office work?

As far as the Why Darden is concerned, I guess it is important. When they ask "Why and MBA", I guess it implies, why our school!

Achilles said...

@Nitin - yeah a reference to career goals in the broader perspective should work out perfectly fine. Personal satisfaction will ofcoourse come when you follow a path towards what you think is important to you :)
Let me know if still there is any confusion.

Yeah they have to be from the work place man, since they have written professionally. Or in one off case you can take an instance from some organization or work you are doing in parralel to your actual work ex. But then this work should be substantial and you shpuld be involved in this work, somehwhat on a regular basis.

Achilles said...

Yeah i also think why darden is necessary but explaning why darden will tself take atleast 100 words, so it will be diffcicult to put rest of the stuff in left over space. let me know your thoughts on this.

Bokaa said...

Hey Achilles,

I have talked about Darden in some words. I understand that thre is a trade off but then after a lot of thinking, I decided to take that chance. I feel that Why Darden is important in the overall structure of the app.

As far as stories from community work are concerned, I am using one in the 3rd essay. Infact as you have pointed, even in the second essay I am juggling with including some extra curricular activity at my regular job rather than run of the mill stuff.

Let me know if you have any other queries. Best of luck man!

Oops said...

Hey no - not writing 'why darden' in this essay; thats best left for the 'fit' question in the app. anyways there's no space with WL of 500.
in 2&3, i'm putting one 125 word example from professional setting, another 50 word one as a person - i dont care if they;ve mentioned "professionally" - where does one draw the line between the self on the job, and off the job??

Oops said...

i dont think a few words more should matter, and linking the choice either at the beginning or end (or both) would be good, otherwise it wud seem hanging in mid air
i'm introducing my choice at start itself - but currently i hv 450 words for both 2&3 - need to bring it down to 300-325
and 'why darden' should be addresses in 'fit with darden' essay 150 words shud be enuf i think, havent put it down yet - what do u think? apart from trying to link case method, what other high points of darden are there? havent researched the school much as its not in my top ones

Oops said...

I'm thru with the essays, but keep modifying them all the time, till the end I'm sure
my biggest concern is fit with darden; i dont know what kinda specific stuff these guys are famous for, what culture, etc - any thoughts?

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