Thursday, October 11, 2007

Darden Essays started

Finally, i was able to complete second drafts of my Ross essays yesterday and sent it to one of my seniors for further critical review. I think my Ross essays are in good shape now. Their needs to be some modifications here and there but i think i will do those modifications once i get final comments from my second reviewer.
After incorporating these comments i will send my essays for one final review to one of my other seniors.

After Ross, finally i started with Darden essays. Darden has some unique essays this year and woohhhooooo they ask us to write just 1100 words across 3 essays.
But there is no need to be happy, as that means more work when i start cutting down on words and lines after my first draft of essays are ready :)

When i read the first essay - "What matters to you most professionally and personally and how does an MBA help you relate to those priorities", i could not even think of how to start this essay. And strangely enough Darden doesn't ask for standard- Why Now? Why School? Career Goals question.... but there is a catch, you need to put together your story in this essay itself and that too in just 500 words. Other essays don't give you a chance to put your story.

Finally, i got an idea on how to start and connect my story for this essay and i am ready with the first draft of this essay now.

Its, time for me to go to sweet sleep now, already its 2Am, i need to getup at 7AM to go to office :( .... gud nite

P.S. - I got up late at 745AM and missed my train. Took another train 45 minutes later. Finally reached to office almost 1 hour late :( ....but thank god there were no issues.


Anonymous said...

I was caught off-guard on how to start this essay.Still thinking how to go ahead with this.


Inblue said...

Wow !! Amazing.You've boiled it off and running full steam. Congratulations on your 770 /5.5. I was off the internet for a while now and am recently getting myslef upto date on the things i left behind.
All the best for all the applications and the deadlines..

Achilles said...

thanks inblue!! seeing you here after a long time!! i've mailed u!!

mew said...

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alex said...

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