Tuesday, September 04, 2007

GMAT Official score report arrives - they like my writing skills

Finally i got my Official Score Report yesterday and they seem to like my writing skills :)

I managed to score 5.5 in AWA. Though i know that it just translates to 83% but personally for me, its more than enough. I hardly prepared for this section in last 2-3 days only and only practiced 1-2 essays. Also i don't think that my writing skills are that great, so i felt good on seeing 5.5

Now at least, everything which could be done from GMAT side for my apps has been done, now starts the actual game of apps when i start writing the essays.

Will keep you all updated. Also coming soon, my prep schedule and my D-Day experience.


Bokaa said...

Congratulations Dude!

Mocha said...

horray! Way to go!

btw..didn't you apply for MBA last year too? I remember you...or I could be wrong ;P

Achilles said...


hi mocha,

yeah u r right, we talked last year but i didnt app last year and if you remember i was looking to give GMAT at that time, but couldnt give since i was moving all around the country. then i got settled in SFo and finally i was able to prepare and give my GMAT :)

what about you, if i remember correctly you were planning to join Boeing at that time...so how is the work going?


Thanks for the wishes, dude!!

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