Saturday, September 08, 2007

Apps process started - Second step towards the goal

This week i started with the app process - the second step towards my goal after GMAT.......I hope i complete it in time and with full satisfaction...

But in just 1 week i have realized that this second step is gonna be harder than the first one :) ....

Okk i will start with the schools i have shortlisted:-

1) Chicago
2) Stern
3) Ross
4) Darden
5) Wharton

Also there are some more schools :) :-

1) Stanford
2) Duke
3) Haas
4) UCLA Anderson
5) Kellogg
6) Tuck
7) Emory

So that's make a total of 12 schools and you people can see all the confusions i am into right now :)
Also i cannot apply to more than 2-3 schools in the R-1 deadline because i am already very late for the whole process, the rest of the schools i will have to push to R-2, which will reduce my chance of me getting in due to my IT-male profile :)
I am yet to spend some serious time on putting in thoughts for my essays, but will probably start that tomorrow. I am really stuck on even how to start writing right now.....perhaps, starting to write the essays is the most difficult part of the apps. I hope i make a good start....


Bokaa said...

Nahi Boss! Still working on my H and W- Darden deadline has time, so assuming that I should be able to complete it in time.

mbaboyhk said...

Oh my goodness you are applying to so many schools!!!

I just finished the 1st draft of both Harvard and Wharton. I am very unsatisfied with them but hopefully I'll get my reviewers to give me valuable comments and I can rewrite, rewrite and rewrite (I now 100% understand why people say the best writing is rewriting).

I am so unsatisfied about my essays that I plan to move Harvard to Round 2.

Athena Mentor said...

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Forrest Gump said...

hey there, feel free to send me your questions. i am a little hard pressed for time, but i will try and do the best i can and answer as soon as possible.

good luck

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