Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kaplan GMAT CAT 4 - 660 ( Q- 50, V- 36)

Gave my last Kaplan test this Sunday afternoon. And that's the only thing i did related to GMAT this weekend. I couldn't study anything this weekend. :(

Anyways, coming to the test, this time i gave the test in the afternoon when i was feeling a bit sleepy to check my alertness levels.

The pattern of questions was pretty much similar to the previous Kaplan tests which i gave.

So coming to the results:-

660 ( Q- 50, V- 36)

Quant - 4 wrong ( 7, 12 , , )

Verbal - 10 wrong ( 3, 22, 23 , 29, 31, 33 , 36, 38, 40,41)

One thing which went good in this test was verbal. Though the verbal score is essentially same as the previous test's score but what drastically reduced is the number of mistakes in the first 20 questions. There was only 1 single mistake in the first 20 questions and that too was a CR question which i misread. So that was satisfying. Also the total number of mistakes in the verbal section has reduced from the last time. I screwed it up in the last 7 questions though. Actually i also fell short of time in the end. So that is one reason i screwed it up in the last, will have to improve on my speed in the next test.

Now the tests which i am left with are Powerprep2 and both GmatPreps. Although i also have access to Manhattan online tests, i am not sure how useful are they. Anybody has idea about Manhattan test's quality? Are they really worth doing?
Now i also have decide on the actual test date. I was looking for dates between 25th to 30th August but no slot is available at that time. Rechecking daily if some slot gets available. Also these days i am unable to study on the weekdays due to the work load which is really giving me tension now. I am only able to study over the weekend, thus the time devotes for the prep is reducing. I need to figure out some way.


Wannabe said...

Kaplan is supposed to be harder than the actual GMAT. So give it a shot. You might want to that a GMAT Prep to see where you're standing now and where you need to improve?

Manhattan GMAT is good for the verbal. The Quant is harder than the GMAT Prep - at least to me... maybe my Quant isn't too good....

vectorSpace said...

hi achilles - my test center was in Washington DC. Btw, good luck for the test!!

Bay said...

I am not sure what your target score is but I got 650 on KAPLAN 1 day b4 I took the real test and I got 730 on the real test, thus, I think you are in pretty good shape for now.

As for the Manhattan GMAT, I think it is quite a good representative cuz I got 730 on it, which is the same score as my real one. Worth doing :D

Anyway, good luck for the test. I am now struggling with essays from 8 schools T-T

Anonymous said...

I'd reiterate bay's comments. I scored a 650 on Kaplan and a 760 on the software you download from the GMAT website. I ended up with a 770 on the real thing.

So definitely don't let your scores on the Kaplan GMAT test discourage you.

Shobhit said...

Good going dude!!
My Kaplan average was 640 and I ended up with a 770 on the G-day.. :-)

Manhattan tests r really good.. Not very much sure abt their scoring algo ( They gave me an 800 on 2 of their tests :-o) But the Qs are really good and of the G-level only.. I consider the Manhattan tests the best ones of the tests I took (Off course I'm excluding GMATPrep here)

One thing I'd like to suggest is now that u r doing good, take the earliest date available because it's all about peaking at the right moment.. Keep looking for dates everyday or even twice-thrice a day.. Lots of ppl get their G-day rescheduled and u may get a date in the desired period only..
Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Is there anyway I can get access to the Manhattan tests too?

Anonymous said...

I just finished Kaplan CAT 1 with a 640 score (Q-34, V-51). Are all the CAT's at the same difficulty level, or do they get progressively harder?

I see many people saying their Kaplan CAT scores were in the mid-600's and their official GMAT scores were in the 700's. Just trying to gauge where I'm at after my first test.

Thanks in advance.

Tam said...

Where do you get the Kaplan CAT exams? Can you get it without taking the prep course?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anonymous

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Anonymous said...

Hi , I gave 2 Kaptests and scored 670 and 650. I am worried as I am going to write actual GMAT in a months time now. Are these scores true reflector of GMAT score ?

What should I do to get true picture of my score ?



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